Microsoft Abandons 'Windows 8', Upgrade Now Or Be Cut Off

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Microsoft Abandons 'Windows 8', Upgrade Now Or Be Cut Off

Today is the last day. If you’re still using Windows 8 then it is time to upgrade because from 13 January 2016 Microsoft will no longer release security patches for the new operating system. Any holes hackers find will be left unpatched and the operating system is now fundamentally insecure. It is time to upgrade – and quickly.

To be fair to surprised Windows 8 users, Microsoft has warned about this for some time, though confusion is understandable because its official lifecycle page states ‘Windows 8’ will still receive ‘Mainstream Support’ (new features) until 9 January 2018 and ‘Extended Support’ (security patches) until 10 January 2023. It even puts this in a clear table:

Microsoft's lifecycle support page still clearly shows 'Windows 8' is supported - which it isn't

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Good ol' MS, doing their best to get people to move along and upgrade.