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    I put up a question on a retailer Q and A (i will leave it anonymous just incase there is an issue with putting a name in there) about getting a second Devil to put in my system.  Someone commented that a xfire review of two of these is being done on this site.  I have one Devil and I am using a z97 sabertooth mark 1 (armored) with the 3.1 usb and a master case pro.  From looking at the board and the card I cant comprehend in my brain if there is actually room (i dont have a spare card sitting around to test fit) 

    Has anyone done this and can share a photo? or explain if there was some modifying that needed done.

    Also on the Powercolor site i believe it said 750 watt min for one card.  I have the BeQuiet DPP11 850.  I used the BeQuiet power calc and configured 4 sata, 3 fans, 2 ram sticks, 2 coolers w/ 2 fans and 2 cards no overclock (O.C. is not my thing I want to ensure this pc lasts substantial time and i dont want to degrade its durability)  It recommended 747 watt.

    What watt psu are people using who have done a xfire Devil?  Should i be looking at the 1,000 psu?



    Mike in Utah

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