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    AMD has launched a campaign “to engage the gaming community and encourage them to show their gaming pride”.During the rest of 2015 the chipmaker will be highlighting and sharing AMD gamer attempts to show pride via a series of videos, blogs, Twitter chats and Twitch interviews.


    Someone at AMD has written of the purpose of the Red Team campaign in a rather poetic fashion, as follows:

    We The Gamers.
    In a community all our own,
    Straddling the line between virtual and reality.
    Some might think we’re isolated, disconnected from real life,
    But we know that our community is at the heart of life,
    It’s where friendships are formed, lessons are learned and victory is found,
    From real-time strategy and first-person shooters to MMOs and eSports.
    We the gamers, in a community all our own,
    How will you show your pride?

    Prizes for the best YouTube videos

    Tech and poetry don’t often mix, so hopefully the above hasn’t made you stop reading – as there are prizes at stake. Those who decide to show their pride via YouTube, get the chance to win one of AMD’s latest Radeon 300 Series graphics cards.

    A page dedicated to the competition says that the is a chance to win an 8GB SAPPHIRE Radeon R9 390X, a 4GB XFX Radeon R9 380, a 4GB MSI GAMING 4G Radeon R7 370, or a 2GB GIGABYTE Radeon R7 360.

    This competitive part of the campaign ends rather shortly – you must submit your video by 13th August at 12pm CST. Your video must include the hashtag of #WeTheGamers in the video title. You are allowed one 30-second long entry. It seems that rather than judging your video on merit, all entrants will have their names put into a draw for the prizes. So far there’s been less than 90 entries though the competition started just ahead of the weekend. The rules also state that this worldwide competition isn’t open to US Sanctioned countries and/or nations including North Korea, Iran or Zimbabwe.

    If any readers have made/make a video please share it in the comments section below.



    I believe you have to be a part of GamingTribe for this but I may be wrong.


    you have to be a part of the gamingtribe sir

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