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    I used to be part of groups that played 32v32 mass organized battles on the weekends.  I think many would enjoy this if they knew it existed. 

    You sign up, are assigned or recruited to an army, then put in a division based on your skill (ie Infantry, Pilots, Armor, Spec Ops, Commanders)
    usually there are weekly practices they would like you to attend (your are given the maps you are playing the beginning of the week to start preparing, so practice might be defending a flag if thats what your unit assigned, or it could be assualting a particular flag, bsically getting to know best routes, spawn points, hiding places to attack the flag.  The weekend is usually battles on Saturday or Sunday (depending on which sites you sign up with) and last 12 hours, you are not expected to stay the entire time, but usually can if you want, I usually find the europeans fill the battleservers in the mornings then during the night time you’ll see the North american reinforcements come in. This is open world wide and is a great way to meet people across the world with fellow interests, some of these guys have been friends since battlefield 1942 came out. 

    Usually there is no cost unless you want to be in a specific army (because say your friend is in it) in that case you can request sponsorship or pay like $5.00 to select your army, the other option is to go random, where you are assigned usually on need, or numbers etc. 

    This is great fun if you have opportunity and time, The sites I’ve played before

    21 Centry Warfare  (Site is temporarily down for host migration, but should be up by tomorrow I’d say)

    Darkstar Gaming

    Good luck and see you out there if I can find the time to play this campaign. 


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