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    Asus Gen 3 P8768 motherboard
    I5 2500k cpu
    Cryorig H7 cooler.

    Installled a H7 yesterday… have it plugged into cpu fan 1. when I first booted I got a cpu fan error… Bios was reading about only 400 RPM it was in Red
    I then disabled the feature in bios and got to windows. Idle my computer is running at 20c. is this something I should worry about it running at 400? Shouldnt it be much faster?
    can I manuallly increase the speed in bios or through windows? before this I had a stock cooler.  Would it get faster under load?   It says the max for it is 1600?

    Oh and this is my Power Supply





    You can connect the fan direct to PSU for full-time max speeds.

    But why not test it out with a benchmark program to see if it speeds up under load?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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