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    PC gaming has been popular for decades now. Not soon after the invention of PC gaming came the question: How do I share my experience with others? Soon PC game recording was born. Now, with websites such as YouTube and Twitch; recording, sharing, and now streaming games has massively popular. There are quite a few ways to record and/or stream you game play, but they have been mostly limited to just the PC. Recently, options for also recording consoles have been made available.

    Enter Diamond Multimedia. They have created GameCaster GC 2000 HD 1080P, a device that can not only record PC gameplay, it can also record console gameplay. Designed to act as a pass though HDMI recording device or used with YPbPr inputs, it can be attached to a PC for streaming and recording or it can be used as a standalone device by recording an a SD card. Recording resolution is available up to 1080 (60p) and it uses the H.264 codec for encoding. I robust software package is also included to make sure the user gets the most out of their videos.

    For over two decades, Diamond Multimedia has been widely recognized as a pioneer in the graphics, sound and communications industries and a key player in launching the multimedia revolution. Their mission is to provide their customers with the latest quality technology combined with outstanding service and support. Diamond products are available to the public throughout North America and Europe through retailers, resellers and systems integrators as well as top technology product distributors. Their corporate headquarters are located in Chatsworth, California.

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    good review sir.



    Been looking into these, looks very interesting but do you think it is worth it?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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