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    Hi Guys, ProClockers has teamed up with EpicGear to bring you the EpicGear Defiant Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Set for Christmas 2016.

    This Giveaway will run from December 6th to December 18th with the winners name being announced on the December 19th and shipped on December 20th.

    EpicGear said the winner will receive their prize by Christmas Eve!

    ProClockers EpicGear Giveaway Rules:

    • We only have one to giveaway and due to expensive shipping fees, this giveaway is only for forum members living in the USA.
    • To win the awesome EpicGear Defiant Mechanical Gaming Keyboard reply to this thread and tell us why you would like to win, and what you like best about the DeFiant Mechanical Gaming Keyboard’s features.
    • Additionally, you must like the Epic Gear Facebook page and leave one post thanking them for running this giveaway at ProClockers.
    • You must be at least 13 years old and a member of ProClockers forums to enter this giveaway.

    Merry Christmas from ProClockers & EpicGear!

    Here are the full contents of the kit in the handy carrying case.

    Here is the EpicGear Defiant Mechanical Keyboard all lit up.



    Oh boy, a new giveaway! It looks like it’d be perfect for me as well, as I’m still using an old Microsoft keyboard that I found years ago. I’ve always wanted a mechanical keyboard and this certainly looks like it would fit the bill just right. Also, that case it comes in is freaking awesome! Wow!

    I’d like to thank EpicGear for this fantastic chance and thank you Pro Clockers for hosting this giveaway!


    Your Welcome Hotair10


    Good luck to everyone and thank you Pro-Clockers and Epic Gear!


    Thanks to ProClocker’s and Epic Games. This keyboard looks really nice and unique and would love to use it and provide a nice review and video. Also that carrying case looks sweet. I like that this keyboard can be made completely unique to each individual user 🙂
    Good luck everyone

    Royal Delinquent

    Thanx a million for the chance Stan, Pro Clockers and EpicGear!!

    Would love to get my hands on the Defiant (pun intended)  😉 


    Thanks ProClockers and Epic Gears! I absolutely love the carry case and the low profile aluminum base keyboard and the add on accessories (neat idea!).

    Um… why I want to win? I have a thing for input devices. I think keyboards, mice and controllers are terribly important in making any game fun. I tend to switch input devices depending on the game and where I’m playing. This looks like an incredibly awesome keyboard I could take anywhere and I’d LOVE to get a chance to play on it.


    That looks pretty nice.


    Threw them a thank you on their facebook. Seriously excited about this giveaway.


    Awesome giveaway!! Good luck everyone!!

    Thanks Proclockers and EpicGear for the chance!

    Who wouldnt want a sweet looking mechanical KB!? I would love it just for looks alone.. but the performance of a mech and the cool LED design are just a few more reasons!


    Would love to enter but in Canada. Any update on the Week 9 of Pro-Clockers Summer Giveaway. Never got any info on when it might be shipped. Sorry, I have not been in the forum much dealing with health issues including a minor stroke.

    Best of luck to those that enter.


    Jumping on this, typing on an old beat up ASUS keyboard right now, Freakin cat puked on my AZIO and killed it! So many cool features of the Epic Gear Defiant, Assassin case is way cool (admitedly I probably would not get the full use of it as I probably wont be traveling anywhere with the keyboard, but very cool none the less) , interchangeable lights are sweet for any custom builder and or Gamer, Love the rearmount bumper, its always nice to have extra USB ports and audio ports, ergonomic wrist rests are important to me as well, I spend alot of time sitting in front of my keyboard..

    Yep I want this! 

    FB shared here https://www.facebook.com/mrcapncaveman/posts/1525431130819071?pnref=story


    Thank you Pro Clockers for the opportunity.  I would love to win this awesome keyboard because of its mobility.  I frequently go to lans and the case would be awesome to have for travel.  

    Here is a link to my post on EpicGears page  https://www.facebook.com/epicgeargaming/posts/1200426530037984


    What most draws me to this keyboard is the multi-function rear-mount bumper & ergonomic wrist-rest. I’m curious how well each aspect of the add-ons attach, operate, and handle game play & general usage.
    Edit: Also I love the case.

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