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    I want to get a good anti-virus program that has a gaming feature and after that I want to get Malwarebytes, can anybody tell me if this is a good program or not? I am mostly interested in it because it has a gamer feature and it is a 3 year program. It is not rated as it is the 2015 version but the 2014 version was rated quite high but is only for 1 year.

    Thank you for taking the time out of your Fourth of July to read this and please enjoy the rest of your holliday.





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    I think this is a pretty decent program. I have had it detect viruses when nothing else could. My major peeve with it is that it will not do a boot time scan. Malwarebytes won’t do that either though so…. Anyways, I think you would be pretty pleased with this. I absolutely think it is better than some of the more well known antivirus software out there.


    ive use eset nod32 smart security daily i have mal bytes free [hardly use it maybe once a month] they work great together no issues that i can tell i dont get hit by malware or viruses very offten mainly do to my browsing habbits i use ad-guard[ad blocker] only white list a few sites and a java script blocker, anyway no matter your system no matter what you use or dont use no av and or malware scanner will get 100% of the crap that comes out on the daily most av’s get around 60 to 90% of the stuff out there i would suggest start with adblockers and script blocker use the free av’s[comodo is good ] and malware and change your browsing habbits and for the love of all thats holy never use ie[or what ever ms is pushing]


    Thank you both for your replies, I from your replies and comments I have gotten on another site I am going to go ahead and get these when I get paid again. Thank you both for your help.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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