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    The idea is so simple that an eight year old could conjure it up. In fact it’s probably one that most eight-year-olds since 1977 have at one point or another fantasised about. Pop an Oculus Rift on your head, boot up Eve: Valkyrie and suddenly you’re inspTide the cockpit of a careening, laser-loaded, missile firing, dip-dodge and diving, space-bound dog-fighter.

    It’s proter gasp-ou-loud stuff, seeing enemy ships zoom past and being able to follow them with real life head turns as they go. The most immediately arresting, and perhaps surprising thing about all this, especially considering its foundation in the famously complex Eve Online universe, is just how intuitive it all is. Holding a gamepad in your hand and using the sticks to control the pitch and yaw of your vessel is a breeze, while your weapon systems are tied to the two triggers. Lasers fire straight forward, requiring active tailing of foes and proper positional awareness in order to fire just ahead of them in time-honoured flight-fighting fashion. Missiles meanwhile are where all that VR innovation suddenly becomes a much more active ingredient.

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