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    Well thanks to the Summer Give-Away for drawing my name from the digital hat and awarding me with an Anidees AI7 case.  So here’s where the build log shall be since the case arrived Saturday (07/16/16) and already my fiance has claimed she wants the case, or at least the build I put into it to be hers lol.  

    So far I’ve picked out a board and CPU to go in it (haven’t purchased yet) and we’re going with the Intel i5 6600k paired with an EVGA z170 FTW board.  I think this should be a good combo and I have wanted to try out a EVGA board for some time now.  Then I plan on picking up some Crucial Ballistix Elite DDR4 2666 (32GB Kit) since I can get it for a good deal when I get the board and CPU. 


    So more to come and I’ll update the OP’s Parts list as time goes on, as this will be a long running build unless I happen to pick up a sponsor or two to aid in the acquisition of some parts (I hope to talk to my guy at Cool PC World to do my cable sleeving as he is doing it on my CaseLabs M8 revision – also is a local Atlanta sponsor)


    I see you have the Street Fighter headband as well.   That case looks pretty dang sweet.  And since you’re fiance is already claiming it, that means she is a keeper.  Congrats on both!


    yeah trying to pick out what to install in it, was thinking the x99 Micro2 and a 5820k or 6800k


    Look forward to seeing the build.


    Hopefully soon I’ll be able to collect some parts for this one, so the build can begin


    If your still looking for a Z170 board, 6600K, and a DDR4 memory kit I can help you out, however the DDR4 kit is 64GBs., and the board would be the Gigabyte Z170X  Gaming GT.


    Nice of you Stan.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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