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    Windows 10 is just around the corner. Microsoft’s newest operating system rolls out to the masses in just a few days, on July 29th. Many early reviews of the operating system have been positive. Better still, it’s rolling out as a free update for Windows users.

    But there are already causes for concern. Chief among these is the way Microsoft has incorporated Windows 10 automatic updates and how these updates are conflicting with third party drivers.

    As Forbes contributor Gordon Kelly reports, the problem revolves around a conflict between automatic updates and Nvidia graphics card updates using Nvidia’s ‘Nvidia GeForce Experience’—a handy tool for all Nvidia GPU owners. Basically Microsoft has taken control away from users, and made all updates mandatory—including driver updates. This is a decision meant to increase security and stability across the PC user base, but it comes at a cost.

    Users are reporting problems with multi-monitor setups, dual-card configurations (SLI) and PCs not booting properly, setting off Windows 10 emergency recovery mode. More issues are likely to arise.


    I have an AMD card and hopefully won’t experience any issues with the updating.  I’m really looking foward to updating to 10.  Hopefully they’ll iron out the issues for those with Nvidia cards.


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    Microsoft releases tool to hide or block unwanted Windows 10 updates

    One of the most controversial decisions Microsoft made in its design of Windows 10 is a fundamental change to the way Windows Update works.

    Windows 10 Home offers no way to block security updates and new features. And even the Pro edition has only limited control over updates.


    When Windows 10 arrives this week, Windows Update won’t include that option, but Microsoft does have a well-hidden troubleshooter package, KB3073930, which allows you to hide or block Windows Updates and, crucially, driver updates.

    The package was digitally signed on June 15, and the accompanying Knowledge Base article is dated July 7, just a few weeks ago. The package is labeled for use with the Windows 10 Insider Preview, but based on its performance on the final (10240) preview build, it looks like it should work with the final release beginning July 29.


    Thanks Kev.


    Can’t wait!

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    I have BitDefender Total Security running on my computers and on my main gaming rig.  BitDefender switches to Game mode, which should turn off Windows Updates, when I start playing games.  I just finished upgrading my gaming rig to Windows 10 and re installed BitDefender… hopefully automatic updates won’t be too much of a bother…. if it is when i’m gaming, then it’s a minor annoyance.. but tolerable.  Thanks for sharing the news!

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