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    In fact, the selection of a suitable fan is not difficult, as long as a good judge of your own needs and

    product specifications, then you can choose them from a range of budgets. Usually we choose are

    basically two types of fans, wind pressure and wind volume. Characterized by a large wind pressure

    is mainly suitable for use in fan with air filter position chassis panels, etc., and the wind volume fans

    suitable for the top, rear and other places of the chassis.


    Different types of fan blades due to the different types, size and angle, when installed in different

    positions will have different effects.


    The front panel fan typically requires a large pressure type of fan can blow through the front of the

    chassis, which will inject a steady stream of cold air inside the chassis.


    The inclination angle of the fan blades and blade curvature of the two factors that influence the

    value of a fan pressure largely are. Blade curvature and inclination angle larger the value, at the

    same rotational speed, the greater the pressure supplied. This type of fans is particularly suitable

    for use in the front of the chassis, as the intake fan to use.


    In the back of the chassis, usually equip with a heat exhaust fan, so wind volume more important

    than the wind pressure. At the same time, the heat inside the chassis can be more quickly discharged

    to the outside of the chassis is the most important.


    Most wind volume types of fan have characteristics of more quantity blades and more moderate

    inclination angle of the blades, this design is very suitable for use in top and rear of the chassis.


    If you are not very pursuit for thermal performance, just want to mute the computer stable job,

    then you can choose biased silent type of fans. Of course, if you do not want to replace the fan,

    you can also choose a fan controller to reduce the fan speed down.


    I did saw your website and was thinking of contacting you guys to ask for samples. Let me know if you do because I believe ALSEYE is based in Taiwan/China right?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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