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    Antec is introducing the latest addition to their Performance Series, called the Antec P110 case. Antec’s performance series line is the same series that birthed the now legendary dual-chamber P180 chassis more than a decade ago. The new P110 case features a full-view tempered glass side-panel and also features a dual-chamber design, isolating the PSU area from the motherboard area. The P110 chassis supports 2x 140 or 2x 120mm fans or radiators at the top, while supporting up to 3x 140 or 3x 120mm fan/radiator at the front. There is no hard drive cage on the main chamber so clearance is wide open for video cards and cooling components.

    Cable management is something that many previous Antec cases lacked, but the new P110 Performance series enclosure fixes that. It has plenty of options and room to move the cables round. Two removable cable clips are available via the right hand side. The entire bottom chamber is also completely open from the right side so users can freely move components in and out.

    The new P110 enclosure is also versatile, having the option to mount the video cards vertically. There is already a mounting area for it and the entire expansion slot is open. This means users can use a riser cable and easily mod the P110 to support their video card. Additional storage room is also utilized on top of the PSU chamber and the back of the motherboard. Users can choose to use these or the traditional drive sleds in the lower chamber, depending on their setup.

    The front of the P110 Performance Series enclosure has a brushed metal cover that is easily removable. This is held in place by magnets, so simply pulling it off requires little effort. The IO is also separated from the front panel, so users can disassemble this part for servicing readily. The entire front and top area with fan ventilation options are also equipped with removable dust filters. This includes the entire bottom area as well, which slides out from the left side. This means the system does not need to be turned off in order to clean it, compared to other designs.

    The Antec P110 Performance Series enclosure will hit retail shelves at only £99.99 including VAT, which is a surpisingly good price for a tempered glass side panel case.



    Antec case designs are finally starting to look better. 


    Your right Tee, I’m going to have to look into trying to get a P110 sample.


    good looking case.


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