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    Hey everyone, I’m in search of a new laptop and wanted to know my options.

    Would appreciate all the help and recco? 🙂

    Petros Bakolas

    Hello scalzado,
    What is your budget for the laptop and what are some things that you wanna do with it?


    Hey Petros!

    Mostly for work, admin works usually though I’m using tons of apps and systems singly. I also do project management for logos and webdev from time to time so seeing the true tone of colors is also important for me

    For the working budget, I’m looking into not more than 1,000 USD

    Thank you so much for the help man!

    Petros Bakolas

    From what you say i would go with a laptop that has the following specs:
    * Definitely 8 GB of RAM, if possible 16 would be perfect
    * 1080p IPS display
    * Surely an SSD (It makes a huge difference, even a small one and a bigger HDD for secondary storage)
    * An i7 or Ryzen7 CPU (You could go by with an i5 and Ryzen5 too for lower price)

    As for a model a can’t really tell you something specific but i would go with Lenovo or Dell (if it is a good deal maybe HP but i would try not to).
    Hope those help! 😃

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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