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    You know Logitech, that company that makes the great keyboards, and the great speakers, and the great gaming mice? It’s going to start calling itself just “Logi” now, and that transition begins today.

    When I asked exactly why it decided to karate chop its tenured brand name in half, the answer was simple: tech means nothing.

    “Tech is everywhere,” says Logitech’s VP of brand development Charlotte Johs, a big “L-O-G-I” comically emblazened on the silk screen behind her. “Tech is in the air you breathe…it’s in your clothes…in the future, ‘tech’ doesn’t say anything,” she tells me.

    In a way they have a point. After all, Gizmodo’s own tagline is “Everything is Technology.” There are precedents for the name-splitting, too: Remember when Steve Jobs decided to go all King Solomon on Apple Computer? Now it’s just Apple.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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