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    This Selectec Bluetooth Speaker has a good and clear sounds. Loud and plays music perfectly! Like it said its perfect combination of musin and speaker! Its a bluetooth speaker and its very light and small.easy to use and can bring anywhere. Since its just small it is easy to store and move.

    It has all the buttons that i need to operate it very well. Start pause next previous volume is all there for me. Very easy to connect and used. It can be used to any different kinds of ocassions too! Since its woreless and small it can be used anywhere at anytime! Camping swimming outing bycycling and any other activities! If the phone is connected to it calls can also be answered into it.

    Very hands free and can do a lot of things with it! The battery is rechargable so it can be used anytime and enjoy the music!

    Its very simple and yet very nice and helpful. Fancy looking and amazing design and style.
    Easy to pair and fast and great bluetooth connection range.very easy to use and easy to control. Manual is easy to read and follow. I am very happy and satisfied with my purchased my husband loves it very much too!
    portable Bluetooth speakerBluetooth speaker under $30

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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