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    Microsoft’s Xbox boss admitted “we’ve lost our way” on PC gaming, but the company wants another chance.

    At the Game Developers Conference on Wednesday, Phil Spencer took the stage and reaffirmed that the company sees Windows 10 as the company’s big chance to get back its shine and its market leadership.

    He also committed to building games for HoloLens, the futuristic augmented reality goggles that Microsoft promised would be out in the Windows 10 time frame.

     “We see this as a full Windows 10 device,” Spencer said. 

    Microsoft also announced it was giving game makers their first look at a toolkit for integrating Xbox Live into Windows 10 games.

    PC gaming used to be synonymous with Windows — games were played on Windows, using the DirectX APIs for graphics, and often controlled with Microsoft mice, keyboard, and hardware.

    Then, 15 years ago Microsoft rolled out the first Xbox and everything changed: Suddenly, all of Microsoft’s video gaming focus was on the new console. The Xbox franchise, along with games like Halo, became a decent business for the company. But in the meantime, competitors overtook the PC gaming market. For instance, Valve’s Steam platform captured the hearts of gamers with a successful app store and integrated social networking features.

    Games for Windows Live, an early attempt by Microsoft to bring the social features (and copy-protection against piracy) of Xbox Live to the PC, was buggy, unreliable, and a laughing stock among people who play video games.

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