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    I have to say I have been using Mushkin ram for about 10 years now. Got my first bad stick fo ram from there recently, and they are awesome in customer service. Bought 2 16gb DDR3 sets 5 months apart. Kept crashing and after I narrowed it down to the ram I did the one stick at a time check and on stick would not let the system boot at all. When I posted an RMA request to them with proof of purchase. They stated That model was no longer available. I informed them that I had 2 matched sets. They asked for my POP of the 2nd set, and they aproved the replacement of both sets to make sure they where matched and had the same timing. They even said they would bench test them to make sure they where fine before they sent them out on an advanced RMA. They then charged me for the set. Then after I get them I just need to send back the old ones for a credit back for the preshipped RMA sets. 


    Thanks Mushkin. 






    Good customer service is what brings people back.

    I own three sets of Mushkin RAM Myself. Two 8GB Redline 2133MHz, and one 8GB Blackline 1600MHz.

    I’ve been using them for a long time and never had a problem with them yet.

    Good show Mushkin!


    Good to hear the support is good.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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