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    The Brave browser has a new idea: it’s going to line your pocket with Bitcoin in exchange for viewing ads.

    The browser was launched by former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich in January. Like the hugely popular Adblock Plus, Brave is also a for-profit adblocker.

    For all the interested parties, Brave will deposit the money into individual bitcoin wallets. From there, you can either grab the money or donate it back to your favorite sites. Donation to the sites will be the default, in fact.

    Download Browser Here!


    Have you tired it yet, and did they pay you ?  I can only imagine how many Ads you have to watch to receive one bitcoin lol



    It will take a lot to get $$ out of this.


    I’m testing this out right now, we will see if if this results in anything more than a Satoshi a week.

    First impression: it’s very bare-bones and looks like it’s been programmed with the default settings for a multiple document interface in Visual Basic… also I haven’t found the part where I tell them where to pay me yet. This seems like a feature I should be able to find since it’s the whole selling point for the browser.

    They are looking for an Android software developer though. I might toss my resume their way.


    I’ve been reading up on it still. Have been going through its webpages. Still haven’t jumped in and downloaded it yet. As I’m not at home I’ll probably install and try it in about a weeks time.


    No thanks, it wouldn’t be worth my time. They’d have to pay a lot for me to sit through ads.


    Agreed definately not worth the added time..  I never have heard anything else about this new browser project; maybe it died out? 


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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