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    Hi guys, I'm in the process of doing my first custom water cooled rig and also my first (minor) case mod.

    Thought I would share a few pics.

    Case and components are 4.5 years old.

    Reason I am water cooling such an old build, GTX 690 Graphics card still runs my favourite game (Asseto Corsa) at max settings, but fan noise was getting to me.

    Also wanted to overclock it so needed to get temps down (76c when gaming)

    Decided to replace the AIO cpu cooler as well. 

    anyway, it's nearly there, just need to bend my acrylic tubing and I'm up and running.


    this is what I started with


    cut out most of the 5.25 bays to fit my front rad




    Powder coated white


    Dual GPU goodness 🙂


    EK Supremacy 


    second rad, slimline 






    cut this into the side panel at work.

    Don't know if I will use it cos I like looking at the internals and more so when there will be water flowing through its veins 🙂






    Halfway there, made so many mistakes, run out of tube 🙁




    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    Great pictures, keep them coming.


    Nice work!!


    Looks great.


    Very nice great job


    Thanks for the positive feedback guys 🙂

    got some more tubing today, so I got all the runs done.

    now leak testing, no leaks after 2 hours.

    cant wait to get her fired up and do some stress tests to see what the temps will be.




    Nice layout, looks great..


    So its all up and running  🙂

    Still needs some more cable management and such.

    Ran a few stress tests, and I'm very pleased with the results so far.

    Graphics card was running @ 76 degrees C under 100% load with air cooling.

    Now runs @ 56 C @ 100% load 








    I truly envy you guys/gals with the talent and money to do this kind of stuff. Who knows, maybe I can win some stuff during the Christmas giveaway to add to this rig or the spring build.


    When I started this water cooling build I did not have any "talent"

    I just wanted to do it.

    I watched a whole bunch of YouTube vids and read about other peoples builds, and looked at alot of pictures.

    I made mistakes, but that was all part of the learning process.

    I would highly recommend that you give it a go if you can find the finances.

    That is the main thing that really surprised me, the cost.

    I initially estimated  $500 AUD, but it blew out to almost double that.

    I could have almost bought a GTX 1080 for the price, but I would have been left with a still very capable graphics card sitting in the cupboard and still have the problem of heat and fan noise when gaming.


    Yea finances are a major problem for me unfortunatly. What you put into it is about 1 months income for me.


    Hi Guys

    its been 10 months since I built this rig

    time for an update


    The GTX 690 was starting to be a real pain in the butt

    it seemed each time a new driver came out there were problems with black/blue/red screens and it would take me ages to sort it out (cos Im stupid)

    so I decided to upgrade to a GTX 1080 🙂

    Just so happened that the time of my decision coincided with the run on grphics cards due to crypto miners

    eventually I mannaged to get my hands on a reasonably cheep one from Gigabyte













    So, what were the temps like on the GTX 1080 beforte and after you added the EK Block ?



    Hi guys !  ina couple of weeks we should have the new MSI GTX 1880Ti   GamingX  Trio, all I can say for now is that this is one hell of a beefy card, and did I mention that the the TRIO is huge !  lol

    We received the new ASUS STRIX  VEGA 64, so keep your eyes opem for our review, whiuch will most likely go live some time after the Intel Coffee Lake Launch  as well as the new Z370 boards. So far we will have 6 reviews on Z370,  at least 3 from ASUS  and one each from ASRock, Gigabyte, & MSI !

    We can’t say much about Coffee Lake, but what I can tell you is that we have the new i7 8700K  and the new i5 8400 !


    Here’s some photos of the ASUS Strix  VEGA 64:


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    We have also received a couple of cases from AZZA TEK the 6000B  and thge 310 Inferno

    The BH8 from CASELABs

    The Corsair 570X RGB

    I’ll be posting photos later this week.



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