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    NVIDIA has plans to replace first generation Maxwell graphics cards with something new. Let me remind you first generation Maxwell consists of two graphics processors: GM107 and GM108. While the latter is mobile silicon, the first one is currently powering the ‘budget’ mid-range segment, also known as GTX x50. Both GTX 750 Ti and non-Ti may soon find their replacements, as we’ve just learned NVIDIA has just finished its new processor — Maxwell GM206-250.

    Here is what we know for sure:

    • the new processor is codenamed GM206-250
    • it’s a GeForce product
    • it’s a GTX product (which means it’s not GT x40 and below).

    Well that’s not much, but don’t forget this information very fresh. The GM206-250 is cut-down version of GM206-300, which is the full processor with 1024 CUDA cores used in GTX 960. AMD’s own benchmarks compare Radeon R7 370 and R7 360 to GTX 750 Ti and 750 respectively. The launch of new GM206 graphics card will surely cause trouble to Radeon R7 300 products.

    We will keep you updated about this mysterious card.


    NVIDIA Might Be Readying GeForce GTX 950 Ti and GeForce GTX 950 Graphics Cards – Based on GM206 GPU


    Have they stated any expected dates?

    I know i’ve got a few friends chomping at the bit for budget systems for their kids, I personally loved using the 750 ti models, they pretty much handeled everything you would throw at them in medium quality, which was great for bang for the buck, espceially those without the monitors to tell the difference. 


    The speed at which the video cards come out is faster than the cards themselves. Thanks for info.


    Thanks! This is great news for casual gamers as well.  Agreed. This is not great news for AMD 🙁


    Great find Kev !

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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