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    Perfect little power bank to chuck in your backpack / pocket / handbag to use as a backup.

    Its pretty small, thin and lightweight, almost 5″ by nearly 3″ so about the size of most modern smartphones.


    Has a nice capacity of 4000mAh so it should fully charge a lot of phones up to twice.

    One minor flaw is that it only has one USB socket, would have been nice if it had two.

    Charges my Moto G 2014 5″ phone quite quickly, although I only tested it from a phone that was at about 60% capacity already.

    I received this power bank at a discount price with coupon code 98OOQRPH, in return for writing an impartial review on what I thought of the product.
    receiving a discount on the product has no bearing on my rating or my opinion of the product.
    I review all products I receive as if I had paid full price for them, and review or rate accordingly, this review is my honest feelings of this product.


    Is there a white color? I have too many black things.


    You have posted this in several different places, it’s considered spam and if you post it again or anything else like this you will be banned.  If you want to post a review that’s one thing, but this is not a review. Consider yourself warned.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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