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    Personal Computers are no longer personal. 

    The asshats that serve ads are now at the corporate level, and hacking us at will. 

    Years ago they saw a chance to monetize our computer use (against our will) and they jumped at it like flies on a dog turd.
    This was quickly dubbed “illegal activity” by the authorities, and the ~supposedly~ legitimate companies.
    There ensued a war between the asshats and the establishment’s hackers and the asshats won again and again. 

    After several years, (think, ~now~) the companies that were fighting this illegal intrusion into our privacy realized that the asshats were not only winning, but that they were making money, hand over fist.

    So they’ve made the short hop from being our protectors, to being the ones that are making money off of our browsing habits. They are now the ones that profit from us, using our personal information, against our will.

    They’re taking the whole pie from the “illegal” hackers, and eating it too. They have declared that what was once illegal, is now OK, because “we’re” the ones doing it”, “just to give you a better user experience”.

    Having access to (and completely understanding) the operating system’s source code is a huge plus for them. 
    Building the spying functions into the OS is like taking candy from a baby. (do you want a pacifier yet?)

    It’s all about the money, whether we like it or not. Making it all free to us, like Win-10 is, eliminates a lot of our legal standing in the matter.

    Yep, the personal computer is no longer personal.


    You hit the nail on the head Neil. And it is not the first time.


    Sometimes I consider just dropping Windows altogether. (except for one gaming rig)

    Maybe I’ll sell all of my PCs except for the one gamer and a cheap web browser box.

    I’m getting tired of these assholes telling me how it’s going to be.


    yeah mozilla bought out with “personal adds” microsoft decided to give everyone the shaft with windows 10

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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