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    At Phononic, we’re revolutionizing cooling and heating using SilverCoreTM solid-state technology featuring next generation Thermoelectric (Peltier) devices, heat exchanger systems, and control electronics that removes the constraints of compressors, fans, and water based systems to provide transformative innovation that changes the way we deliver thermal management forever.

    Our latest thermal innovation unleashes the computing market by introducing a microprocessor (CPU) cooler that delivers:

    • Integrated thermoelectric cooling technology—Actively lowers CPU temperature
    • Liquid cooling performance without water— Thermoelectric heat pump cools the CPU while increasing temperature of heat exchanger, overcoming the heat capacity limit of air
    • Variable Assist Cooling—Smart electronics included with the CPU cooler to monitor temperatures and respond with proportional cooling power
    • Exceptional cooling performance in a small form factor—Fits inside mini-ITX box without compromising cooling performance
    • Whisper quiet fan mode—Trade off heat pumping power for fan speed when you want to be quiet – go full speed when you want the coolest CPU


    A new way of thinking, looks interesting thanks Kev.


    Interesting cooler indeed, but a 4500rpm 80mm fan? I wanna see how quiet this thing really is, as that seems a bit excessive.


    Nice cooler. I am a water cooling guy but it;s a nice cooler.


    Looks nice.


    Fan Specifications:


    • Dimension: 80x80x25mm
    • Connector:  4-PIN PWM
    • Bearing Type: Two Ball Bearings
    • Voltage Rating/Power: 12VDC/5.76W Maximum power
    • RPM: 4500RPM Maximum
    • Air Flow: 67.02 CFM Maximum
    • Noise Level: 48.6 dB-A
    • Max Static Pressure: 9.955 mm H2O
    • MTTF: 70,000 hours

    Ouch, 48.6 db-a.  I’ll stay with Noctua at 19.8 db-a.


    Maybe their design (with the fan buried in the middle) mutes the fan noise?


    Maybe…  And remember, those are max numbers.  Since this thing has it’s own Variable Assist Cooling it may never reach max.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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