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    “”Scorpio is more powerful than the original Xbox One, four and a half times. And the six teraflops will impact the games and how they play,” he explained.

    Also in the interview, Spencer mentioned that Microsoft considered releasing a new, more powerful Xbox One this year. However, Microsoft abandoned the idea because the company thought it would be better to wait until it was sure it could deliver a box with six teraflops. The Scorpio goes on sale in holiday 2017, though a price has not yet been announced.

    Microsoft will release the Xbox One S in August, and while it will offer HDR and 4K for TVs that support it, Spencer said you shouldn’t expect the system to run your existing games better.

    “If you already have an Xbox One, don’t go buy an Xbox One S thinking your games are going to play better. If you like the design or if you want the 4K streaming great. HDR? Great. But I’m not trying to upgrade you there,” he explained.”


    Matt black circuit board finishes tick all my boxes.

    Electronics design aside it’s interesting what Microsoft and Sony are doing with their hardware now. Seems like the console war has come to a stalemate with neither of the big players willing to properly start a full new development cycle on new hardware for a next generation release.

    Irony level: maximum – Nintendo are still making bank.


    People will still be interested in consoles, and they won’t die as easily as PC enthusiasts are hoping. Then again, they say the PC was going to die at some point. As long as newer and more capable hardware is released, the PC isn’t dying right away. But it may have areas of decreased sales over the course.

    MS and Sony continue to try to push sales, and the only way to continue the trend is by releasing new hardware. I can see MS sales increasing in areas where Sony have held the sales lead. I’ve always liked both but lost a lot of faith in Sony with their security breach years back. Probably my main influence for MS and the Xbox One I got. Fortunate for me, I got the Xbox locally for $0 a few months after release.

    I’d like to see how their systems adapt to current hardware requirements and next-gen operability. 


    PC is about to die every year, they always say it, every year, or every other year and while sales have slowed down they wont die.  The PC will continue to evolve, it has to in order to be relevant, just like the Console has to evolve to keep up.   Maybe…. the Console will be a PC and a PC will be a Console…. oh yeah, a PC can already do that…. 😉


    seriusly? smb was expecting it to be slower? and microsoft already learned the lessson from the release of the XB1….. remember how everybody was lauching at microsoft by comparing the performance with ps4?

    perhaps from now on microsoft will be a serious competitor for the ps4.

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