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    I have a Silverstone AIO TD03-Lite installed in a server I use for my security cameras.  I started having intermittent problems with the server after replacing one of the cameras, drove me crazy until I checked the bios and found the CPU temp was WAY HIGH.

    Turns out the inside of the tubing deteriorated and blocked the cooling chamber of the heat sink.  Picture shows where I cleaned off the right side but you can see what was there on the left.

    Not sure I’ll be using any AIO’s from now on.

    Damon B.

    I have a Corsair H60 that has been running non-stop in a server for over a decade now. this type of failure is uncommon, I recommend reaching out to silverstone and explain what is going on. they may well work with you to get you back running.



    I have already replaced it with a Corsair H75. Needed something right away and Amazon next day worked.

    I’m sure SilverStone would have taken care of it but I could not wait.

    Good to hear that your H60 is still working.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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