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    This portable charger from selectec is fantastic it has a great slim design to it for me this is one of the smallest and thinest portable charger I have ever seen or used.
    It came in a very nice brown box in the box you will receive the portable charger plus a charging cable and a instruction manual as soon as it turned up I placed it on charge.
    Whilst on charge it will flash green until all three are a solid green it is then fully charged and ready to use, when I first used it I was very impressed with the charger.
    It charged my samsung phone with ease for me it felt slightly faster than previous ones I have used in the past charging the device from an emergency position.
    Overall I am extremely impressed with this slim portable charger i have not been able to find any problem with it in anyway at all the only thing I would suggest is it could do with a pouch to hold it in but that is down to just personal preference I would highly recommend this portable charger. You can drop the price down to $7.99 with coupon code POYEM4DG




    I will have to look into one of these

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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