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    We won’t make any final judgments on the new Titan X until we’ve successfully ripped one from the guts of a machine for further testing, but I think we can reach a few conclusions from these tests. No surprise: A dual Titan X setup isn’t worth it for the majority of people who plan to use it for gaming alone.

    The power of dual Titan X’s may prove more worthy for someone who uses it for compute tasks as well as gaming, but that’s beyond the scope of today’s test. Still, it’s clear that for the average Joe or Jane who doesn’t game on a $2,000 5K monitor, a setup like this is hard to justify.

    But again, that’s probably missing the point of it all. Most people don’t “get” the point of a $189,000 car or a tin of caviar that costs more than a dinner for four, and well, most people probably won’t “get” the point of a pair of powerful new Titan X cards either—unless they’re data scientists. When it comes to gaming, a glorious pair of SLI’d new-look Titan X cards are made for high rollers with bleeding-edge displays alone.



    I like my EVGA 980Ti cards But dam that TitanX is bad ass.



    More than I can afford.


    One of our reviewers has the new Titan X  he should be publishing a review some time this month.


    Mind you, I have an EVGA GTX1070 FTW and it is great, but the Titan X is well…. the Titan X and I want it ;).

    You can send one over to me if you like 😉


    <insert drool face> 


    I would be fine with just a single Titan X or just a 1080 with a factory overlock on it.


    More than one would be awesome…. though not really needed at least today.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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