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    I’m looking forward to upgrade to this Kaby lake generation.
    I currently own a system with a haswell 4570 in it.
    Been looking through the line-up from different manufacturers and
    I saw this interesting bundle from Biostar.

    A Z270 motherboard ( I think it’s their high end one ) bundled with 
    a 256Gb Intel 600p m.2 SSD. 

    Sold at $328 for the bundle.The SSD alone costs $100 and the remaining
    goes to the board.
    I think it’s a fair deal since I will be having their top of the line 
    Z270 and a free m.2 SSD. 

    Your suggestions will be highly considered.


    Biostar has provided samples for our reviewers before. They usually do well in testing, but not as well as the premium brands do. (Gigabyte, ASUS, ASRock, and maybe MSI)

    There are Z-270 boards out there that sell for a lower price and tick all of the boxes that most of us like to see.

    Here is an Example of an ASRock Z270 board that is among the best to be had. It sells at Newegg for $169.00 so you could get it, and buy your own M.2 SSD for less.

    This is just one example of many that might be a better choice for you depending on available choices where you live.



    I would consider that but since I’ve had trouble with my Z77 Asus before, I never bought anything considered as premium brand.

    I’ve been using Biostar lately and it does the same work as others do, saves me money as well.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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