You’ll Have to Wait Until Fall for First Public Warcraft Movie Trailer

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    You’ll Have to Wait Until Fall for First Public Warcraft Movie Trailer

    For the Horde!

    While Hall H attendees at Comic-Con today were treated to a Warcraft movie presentation with Duncan Jones, the director has taken to Twitter saying everyone else still has a bit of a wait.

    Although recently stating that the Warcraft movie is nearly finished, Jones wrote on Twitter: “Blood was spilt for this… ‘Today has all been about SDCC. Now I want to let you know the trailer will finally release to ALL in November'”

    But that doesn’t mean that the rest of the world is completely empty-handed. We did get a look at the film’s poster art earlier today. And you can explore the movie version of Stormwind in a special VR demo released earlier this week.

    The Warcraft movie is due in theaters next year on June 10 from Legendary Pictures.

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    From what I understand, the movie actually finished filming over a year ago, in May 2014.  It was originally planned for release in December of this year, but then it was learned that’s when the new Star Wars movie is coming out.  So… the release date was pushed back until 2016.  Bummer… and double bummer on having to wait so frickin’ long to even see the trailer. 

    On the bright side, with all this extra time they have for post-production, the end product should really be the best that it can be.


    That is too long to wait but we’ve waited this long. I just hope it is as awesome as it look as a big wow fan and player myself.


    Didn’t even see nothing about this recently for some reasosn, while its good its still coming out, I really wanna know how its gonna end up being. Hopefully not just tons of filler like most movies based on games especially in parts.


    I have very high expectations and I hope it’s on the scale or Lord of the Rings rather than Pixels 🙂
    With all the great story they have to work with I can’t imagine it being bad.


    It is a long wait, did they say why ?


    why so long. hope someone release it in torrents. hehe

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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