Apex Legends Update (January 2022)

Apex Legends Update

With Season 10 of the popular battle royale out, it’s only prudent that we tell you all about the latest Apex Legends Update!

Last Updated: January 2022

Season 10 of Apex Legends is entitled Emergence. Having officially started on August 3 of this year, the season is set to run until November 2. And to celebrate, Respawn Entertainment unveiled plenty of new content for players to sink their teeth into.

For this Apex Legends Update, we’re taking you through all the new additions. And stick around to the end to see our updated Apex Legends Tier List!



Released in February of 2019, Apex Legends quickly rose to fame for its slick gameplay, intuitive progression system, and stellar cast of characters. The title’s bread and butter is its Battle Royale game mode, whereas many as 20 squads fought it out until only one remained. But last season, Respawn Entertainment put out a new game mode: Arena. Unlike Battle Royale, this game mode only pits two teams of three against each other. And players need to battle it out in a series of rounds. The goal? Eliminate all three enemy players. The catch? No respawns.

Now that players have had a chance to learn the ins and outs of the Arena game mode, Respawn Entertainment has integrated a ranked mode. Now the pressure is on, as players will have to climb the ranks to prove their 3v3 skills.


Season 10 also comes with a new weapon for players to try out. The Rampage is an LMG that requires heavy ammo. Despite being an automatic weapon, it has a slow rate of fire but the highest damage among automatic weapons in the game. What makes this weapon interesting is that you can charge it with a Thermite Grenade, boosting its fire rate and making it practically unstoppable in comparison to even top-tier weapons.

Weapon Stats

Headshot Damage: 42 (1.5×)
Bodyshot Damage: 28
Leg Damage: 24 (0.85×)
Rate of Fire: 300 RPM (normal), 390 RPM (charged)
Projectile Speed: 26,500 UPS

Ideal Legend:
Fuse. That’s right. The somewhat underwhelming addition from Season 8 can become a damage machine when you pair him with a Rampage. Because while his Tactical and Ultimate still leave much to be desired, his Passive lets you carry more grenades. That means you can abuse the Rampage’s Thermite firing mode more than other players.


And, of course, Respawn Entertainment unveils yet another new Legend for us to play with: Seer. This Recon-type Legend may even rival Bloodhound’s tracking abilities.


Passive: Heart Seeker
Anytime Seer aims down his sights, players will be able to see and hear the heartbeats of any enemies within a 75-meter radius. The faster the heartbeat, the lower their health.

Tactical: Focus of Attention
Seer unleashes micro-drones, which emit a cylindrical blast that goes through walls. Any enemy players caught in the blast are interrupted from doing any healing and suffer 10 damage. The skill also prevents enemy Legends from using their abilities 1.25 seconds after the blast. Finally, Seer and his team can see any affected enemies and their health for 8 seconds.

Ultimate: Exhibit
Seer creates a large sphere of micro-drones that track any enemies that move or shoot within its radius. This lasts for 30 seconds. Though note that airborne or crouching players are not tracked. Additionally, the sphere can be destroyed by depleting its 125 HP.


So, how does Seer fare among other playable characters in the Apex Legends Update? Well, despite his high-utility skillset, he suffers from one drawback: His abilities aren’t as effective if the team isn’t communicating in-game. Sure, team members can see the enemy positions on their HUD, but unless Seer calls it out, it’s hard to know when he’d unleash his active abilities. Given this, he falls just shy of S-Tier, but lands a strong spot in A-Tier.

Here’s the rest of the tier list for the Apex Legends Update!

  • Bloodhound
  • Wraith
  • Caustic
  • Gibraltar
  • Lifeline
  • Seer
  • Valkyrie
  • Bangalore
  • Horizon
  • Loba
  • Octane
  • Pathfinder
  • Fuse
  • Mirage
  • Wattson
  • Crypto
  • Rampart
  • Revenant


This is truly the age of stellar free-to-play games. Titles like Apex Legends, Apex Legends Tier List, and the ever-present League of Legends only prove these game types’ popularity. And Apex Legends’ tenth season is a shining example of this.

With plenty of new features to try out, tons of players, new and old, are flocking to Apex Legends. You can check out all the specifics and more on their official website. It’s also worth mentioning that Respawn Entertainment is releasing Apex Legends Mobile sometime in 2022, and the community is eager to get some practice in. So, it’s safe to say that free-to-play shooters are going to be around for quite a while.


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