Arknights Tier List (June 2021)

Arknights Tier List

Last Updated: June, 2021

We are presenting our Arknights Tier List in this article.

Arknights is one of the best, if not the best gacha games out there. At it’s core it plays off a tower defense game with a number of character who act as the towers. It gained immense praise and popularity because of it’s art design, lack of purchase pressure, limited grind and accessibility. It was developed by Chinese developers Studio Montagne and Hypergryph. It was released in China on 1 May 2019 and after seeing the popularity and wide spread praise by the audience there, it was released worldwide on 16 January 2020.

The gameplay revolves around placing characters, called “operators” at specific tiles in order to stop the enemy from advancing towards your base. Melee operators can be placed on ground tiles and ranged operators on elevated tiles.¬† Melee operators physically block enemies from advancing and ranged operators deal ranged damage, heal or support other melee operators. The position of the operator is primarily defined by it’s class. Every operator in the game belongs to one of 8 classes. These classes are:

  • Caster
  • Defender
  • Guard
  • Medic
  • Sniper
  • Specialist
  • Supporter
  • Vanguard

Arknights Tier List 

Arknights features a diverse cast of characters in each class. As all classes are important while playing the game, we will present our tier list based on each operator’s class. The operators within each class will be divided into five tiers, namely S/A/B/C/D tiers with S-Tiers being the best and D-Tiers being the characters that you would want to avoid using. The order within each tier does not matter.

S-Tier These operators define the meta within each class. You cannot go wrong with these characters and they are viable for almost all combat cases
A-Tier These operators fall just a bit short when compared to the ones in S-Tier but they are still solid choices within their class and is a great choice for any party
B-Tier These operators are good for most combat cases but will give you trouble as you progress further into the game.
C-Tier These operators are viable for many combat cases but there is a clear difference between them and the operators in the tiers above. Use them only if you have no better choices available
D-Tier We hate to say it but the operators in this tier are to be avoided, they are maybe viable for very niche metas but are usually not worth having in your party

Arknights Casters Tier List

Operator Tier
Ceobe S
Eyjafjalla S
Ifrit S
Mostima S
Amiya A
Absinthe A
Beeswax A
Gitano A
Leonhardt A
Mint A
Skyfire A
Click B
Greyy B
Haze B
Leize B
Nightmare B
Tomimi B
Lava C
Steward C
12F D
Durin D

Arknights Defenders Tier List

Operator Tier
Blemishine S
Eunectes S
Hoshiguma S
Liskarm S
Mudrock S
Nian S
Saria S
Asbestos A
Bison A
Croissant A
Cuora A
Nearl A
Vulcan A
Bubble B
Dur-Nar B
Gummy B
Hung B
Mattherhorn B
Beagle C
Cardigan C
Spot C
Noir Corne D

Arknights Guards Tier List

Operator Tier
Blaze S
Ch’en S
Hellagur S
Lappland S
SilverAsh S
Skadi S
Specter S
Surtr S
Thorns S
Astesia A
Ayerscarpe A
Bibeak A
Broca A
Flint A
Franka A
Indra A
Utage A
Whislish A
Arene B
Beehunter B
Conviction B
Cutter B
Estelle B
Flamebringer B
Frostleaf B
Jackie B
Matoimaru B
Melantha B
Mousse B
Savage B
Sideroca B
Castle-3 C
Midnight C
Popukar C
Swire C
Dobermann D

Arknights Medics Tier List

Operator Tier
Shining S
Silence S
Warfarin S
Ceylon A
Nightingale A
Perfumer A
Ptilopsis A
Whisperain A
Breeze B
Folinic B
Gavial B
Myrrh B
Sussurro B
Ansel C
Hibiscus C
Lancet-2 C

Arknights Snipers Tier List

Operator Tier
Exusiai S
Meteorite S
Rosa S
Rosmontis Schwarz S
Andreana A
Blue Poison A
Firewatch A
Greythroat A
Platinum A
Provence A
Aciddrop B
Aosta B
April B
Executor B
May B
Sesa B
Shirayuki B
Vermeil B
Ambriel C
Catapult C
Jessica C
Kroos C
Meteor C
Adnachiel D
Rangers D

Arknights Specialists Tier List

Operator Tier
Aak S
Phantom S
Projekt Red S
Weedy S
Cliffheart A
Ethan A
Feater A
Gravel A
Jaye A
Manticore A
Waai Fu A
Rope B
Snowsant B
Shaw B

Arknights Supporters Tier List

Operator Tier
Angelina S
Magallan S
Scene S
Shamare S
Suzuran S
Glaucus A
Istina A
Mayer A
Pramanix A
Sora A
Deepcolor B
Podenco B
Tsukinogi B
Earthspirit C
Orchid C

Arknights Vanguards Tier List

Operator Tier
Bagpipe S
Elysium S
Myrtle S
Siege S
Reed A
Texas A
Vigna A
Zima A
Chiave B
Courier B
Grani B
Scavenger B
Fang C
Plume C
Vanilla C
Yato D


So, that’s our comprehensive tier list for Arknights. We hope this list helps you easily choose the best operators for your party. If you haven’t tried Arknights, we can’t recommend it enough. The gameplay is addictive and the art style and graphics are just top notch. The game is available for both Android and iOS.

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