Brave Frontier Tier List (June, 2021)

Brave Frontier Tier List

Last Updated: June, 2021

We are showcasing our Brave Frontier Tier List in this article.

There have been many gacha games that tried to achieve what Brave Frontier has done. A big cast of units to summon and a vast vibrant game. Almost 8 years have passed since it was first released, and the game seems to be evolving more and more, making you wondering all the time, what is the best combination of units to summon.

Don’t worry, that’s why you are reading our Brave Frontier Tier List. Here you are going to find out which are the strongest units and which units can be ignored. Out of the list of thousands of units in Brave Frontier, we chose to include the ones that are worth mentioning, plus some examples for the lower tiers.

So keep reading to find out our picks! (We present them to you by element type).

 Brave Frontier Tier List


We are kicking off this list with the strongest units. These units are at the tippity top of Brave Frontier’s power club. All of them have amazing abilities and can deal a lot of damage, heal, or buff. You should build your team’s composition around these heroes if you are lucky enough to summon them if you want to breeze through the endgame content.

Dark Fire Earth Light Thunder Water
Orochi Rhyne Tarok Sidonie Ydra Hilda
Legato Inoko Hypaea Peter Vrana Gisele
Vohu Azius Osiris Avyn Paris Galene
Nuke Desert Yasna Ptah Vash Meryl & Milly
Noxa Cayena Tilith Hakuzo Nimrah Inara
Set Ascha Nicholas Ken Touka Aoife
Evie Paradise Alphie Ma’at Thot
Kirke Nyami Echo Serin


Just because they are not on the S-Tier doesn’t mean that these units have a lot to be jealous about. All of these units are excellent picks if you want to go through the game’s content without a problem. If you are a perfectionist (poor you) and want to have the best team possible, only then we would understand if you were disappointed by summoning these units. ONLY THEN!

Dark Fire Earth Light Thunder Water
Alza Masta Natalame Lydia Kranus, the Argent Khepratum Haile
Noel Gortius Teresa Kelsa Fennia Sennie
R&R Czorag Zeruiah Persenet Tevarius Rene
Kielazar Ultor Dranoel Aurelia Silvie Faelan
Kranus Amus Ulagan Chloe Cerise Vail & Vidron
Kielezar Yan & Yuan Wannahon Allanon Chryssa Sae
Ciardha Marianne Nagid Fionna Zelion Utheria
Saya Svalinn Bayley Vanila N’an Kahiki
Semira Yamori S’eljah Sero-Anya Long Galea
Ensa-Taya Kyo Vektor Karna Masta Kassia Tridon
Lico Zeis Andaria Zedus Wintia
Saskya Blaze Elaina Bonnie Kawab
Savei Ellie Gwenevere Mikael Charlie
Keres Annette Sasha Cleria Vikki
Shion Aesys Baiken Wang Mu
Lancelot Limilnate


They might not be the best units in this game, but they are strong enough to a) be included on the list b) be on the top half of this list. This means that if you summon these units, you have to use them to complement the rest of your team, but be aware that there are better options that you should be looking out for.

Dark Fire Earth Light Thunder Water
Feora Libera Morgana Solos Ordine May
Illucen & Illumina Edea Ruby Lilith Ragra Isniel
Grahdens Honoka & Hisa Roy Enile Crash Lasswell
Theodor Dion Kagiya Regil Daltisk Signas
Yuura Fei & Fang Zegstia Linasera Jireid Ilm
Katerin Faelan Azurai Lucius Tate & Tama Viviane & Orah
Cardes Nyala Rain Gabriela Ewan Elimo
Zephyr Hisui Laressa Alan Razak Medina
Neviro Shu Tsukiyama Owen Joshua Mordred Karl
Galtier Nia Sun Tse Juno Seto Rhoa Tsovinar
Ebony & Enid Hetepheres Feng Lukroar Sheriff Sheena
Merlin Avani Seria Maxwell Rickel
Neferet Ophiucus Rugahr Ceulfan Lofia
Mordlim Arus Lauda
Eriana Ludero Odin
Bjorn & Linlin Kyria


If you summon the following units, your luck is a bit on the bad side. Of course, some of them are amazing at what they do, but their stats are not as good as the ones higher on the list, or they just don’t scale well enough to deal with the end-game content easily. With the right set up you can do it, but the time investment you have to do is huge.

Dark Fire Earth Light Thunder Water
Ragina Frigg Dillith Sirius Beiorg Florence
Velma Baro Mariano Ark Becstain Mariela
Yggdrasil Gandrei al-Akqat Kira Loch Selena
Zenia Rozalia Glenn Quentin & Quinn Lid Savia
Lilly Matah Zelnite Adel Rinon Gilgamesh Auberi
Zekuu Daros Baelfyr Mora Gilbert Vaisal
Toki Leona Korzan Segrud Eleanor Lumis
Zero Phileine Barion Zekt Vashi Holia
Dirk Rezo Felice Lava Reseus Kanon
Feeva Michele Leo Whitefang Shera
Johan Agnia Afla Carlos Behemoth
Elza Carroll


On this tier, your luck is definitely running out. Most of these units are lacking what it takes to help you out significantly on your journey. Either when it comes to pure numbers or their abilities are not very helpful for the whole team. They are very basic summons that you should have no problem replacing with a higher-ranking character.

Dark Fire Earth Light Thunder Water
Sonia Terry Valen Agress Fizz Kula Diamond
Alice Lanza Avant Amadream Hallelujah Garrett
Xie’Jing Freed Malef Raquiel Marlo Camilla
Kafka Quaid Griff Garrel Silas Astrid
Mizo Miell Mai Shiranui Jack’O Balgran Azalea
Ramlethal Divine Armor Alessa Estia Eerikki Melord
Kalon Gyras Rahotep Miku Eze Zalts
Haido Dessit Kulyuk Lara Benimaru Jin
Kikuri Mariletta Jakra Atro Licht Kitsu
Zeek Zevalhua Adriesta Gaston Rize Hugh
Magress K & K Ionia Belfura
Claire Izuna Tazer
Mel Colt
Janice Zeleste
Zellha Stein


These are not the only bad units in Brave Frontier, these are just some examples that we picked for units to avoid. Yes, that’s right. Avoid. It’s almost impossible to do anything with a team composition of units from this list, even if you have them combined in an optimum way. The only reason you should have them on your team is if there are literally no other summons. Please, stay away from them.

Dark Fire Earth Light Thunder Water
Luina Nimune Barbara Elphelt Draegar Verne
Iori Ragzbyul Lyonnesse Diastima Zora Charlotte
Ihsir Daze Rengaku Logi Rayla Azami
Gregor Lance Sol Athena Viktor Cotton
Mard Geer Serge Shura Asamiya Ky Iris
Vargas Asto

Who is the strongest unit in Brave Frontier?

We have to give it to Tarok, although he is not our favorite character to have in our team, at the moment he seems to be the undisputed best unit in this game (disputted of course). Tarok is an earth unit that excels in cutting down even the hardest bosses in the game. His injury skill is what makes this possible. But even if he didn’t have the injury skill ability, he could still rank very high on our list, thanks to his great mono earth abilities like critical damage, critical hit, spark damage etc. The same can be said for his leader skills. He can get his elemental damage up to 700% making him extremely overpowered. If you are lucky enough to find Tarok, we would recommend you to create a team with him as it’s core.


Brave Frontier is a game that is always changing, with new units and tweaks around the mechanics of the game being made all the time. If you are trying to leave your name in the leaderboards the go-ahead and study that Brave Frontier Tier List, find out what type of team you want to run, and go nuts. On the other hand, if you are just looking to casually entertain yourself while you are waiting for the train (yes I am talking to you), then don’t pay us too much attention. Continue grinding with any character you want. Who are we to judge?!

We hope you found this list useful! Don’t forget to check out our Epic 7 Tier List as well.

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