Carmen Animal Crossing Guide (November 2021)

Carmen Animal Crossing

Hop on in on all of the fun Animal Crossing brings with this Carmen Animal Crossing guide we’ve got just for you!

Last Updated: November 2021

If, like me, you e-meet with your friends and enrich your social connections through video games, then you’ve probably heard of Animal Crossing. But, if you haven’t (poor you, kidding!) then let me tell you all about this wondrous game. 

So, imagine you are living in a very, very cute village as a chibi version of yourself. And then, many of the people in the neighborhood are human-like animals who move and do activities just like you. Each one of them has their own unique personalities and quirks that will make you remember someone IRL. That’s what Animal Crossing is. 

Endearingly tagged as the game of the pandemic, Animal Crossing is a social simulation video game series developed and published by Nintendo. Last year, it took the world by storm with its open-ended gameplay and its ability to simulate the real passage of time by using the console’s internal clock and calendar. Because a lot of people all around the globe just can’t get enough of this game, Animal Crossing now has five versions and three spin-offs. 

For those of you who hopped onto the bandwagon very late, you’re probably going back and forth between your Switch and your phone trying to learn more about the characters you’ve been meeting. If you’ve wanted to know more about the preppy bunny in Animal Crossing, you are in the right place because we will be talking about her in this Carmen Animal Crossing (we’re talking about the rabbit here, not the snotty mouse, okay?) guide. 


Preppy rabbit carmen first appeared on Animal Crossing: City Folk. She’s categorized as a modern peppy villager who has fashion as her hobby (as you may already expect) and is named after Caramel. In the Japanese version of the game, her name is Choko, which is also derived from another (typically) sugary and sweet food which happens to be the color of her skin. 

Like all the cute bunny rabbit stuffed toys you probably had throughout your childhood, Carmen shows off small, black, cute eyes that can give off a smug-side look. She also has a pair of rosy circles on her cheeks that makes her look like one of those shy Japanese emojis. Her inner ears will remind you of the ocean with its bright aqua blue color. As a rabbit, she has a distinct gap in her teeth that takes her adorableness to the next level. Then, a big chunk of her fur runs across her forehead, looking like side-swept bangs. 

Beyond her dandy and preppy appearance, here are some of the things you’d want to know about Carmen:

Birthday and Zodiac SignJanuary 6, Capricorn
Initial Phrase“nougat”
Initial ClothesBlue Retro Shirt (CF), Mint Gingham Tee (NL), Plaid-Print Dress (NH)
Home RequestA chocolate overload
GoalMovie Director
CoffeeBlue Mountain with lots of milk and three spoonfuls of sugar
Favorite SongK.K. Stroll
AppearancesCF, NL, HHD, PC, NH


Her personality

Similar to most preppy persons portrayed in pop culture and mainstream media, Carmen is, most of the time, in a good mood. This makes her very easy to talk to and become friends with. The only thing is, she tends to overreact and become overly excited over trivial things or even the mere sight of other villagers and players. She has a short attention span like most peppy characters. When conversing with Carmen, you have to remember to be careful with your words because she can get upset pretty quickly when wrong things are said to her. Other than that, she’s super easy to get along with because she’s fine with almost every kind of villager (except cranky and snooty ones) and usually forgets about the tasks she’s got for the players. 

Her house

In City Folk, Carmen’s house has a space theme. It is inspired by whimsical Japanese folklore about a rabbit that’s residing on the moon. In New Leaf, on the other hand, her room contains pieces from the Alpine Series. There you’ll find a Modern Wood Bed, a flat-screen TV, an electric kettle, and the normal-sized Dekkoid. In both games, you’ll hear K.K. Technopop resonating all across her room. 


The cute and peppy bunny Carmen is only one of the many many characters you’d be excited to meet in the fun world of Animal Crossing. Aside from peppy animals, you’d also be able to chance upon cranky, lazy, smug, jock, sisterly, snooty, and, of course, normal ones while you play. Each subgroup has distinct characteristics that are quite similar to some of the people you have in your life, making it all the more fun. 

If you enjoyed this Carmen Animal Crossing guide and would like to know more characters of varying personalities, you can check out this link. 

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