Cherry Animal Crossing Guide (October 2021)


This Cherry Animal Crossing guide features the lovable dog villager with a penchant for goth decor!

Last Updated: October 2021

Animal Crossing: New Horizons took the world by storm when it was released in March of 2020. Its simple, yet calming gameplay and adorable cast of characters made it an easy hit for both players new to the franchise and long-time fans. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in a peaceful village surrounded by friendly, animal townspeople? Plus, there’s no pressure to do anything other than what you want to do. So, you can build your home, fish, or even go fossil hunting! It’s the perfect game for winding down after a long, tiring day.

Now, while older fans have little to no problem interacting with the many villagers that may come around, new players might struggle with getting to know them. What are you supposed to do if a cherry-colored dog waltzes into your village and calls it home? Simple. Put the Switch down and consult our Cherry Animal Crossing guide! We’ll tell you everything you need to know and more about the only sisterly dog in the series.


True to her name, Cherry resembles the sweet berry, with her fur being a deep shade of cherry red. She first made an appearance in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and has been around ever since! Cherry also has a large, black spot around her left eye as well as ears and hands of the same color. In stark contrast, her nose is bright magenta and her eyes are a muted teal. And unsurprisingly, the color combination, though uncommon, works well for her!

Cherry’s fashion is unapologetically goth, which stands in contrast to many of the cuter villagers in the game. But Cherry doesn’t seem to mind. Her Spider-web Tee complements her brighter tones and her one-sided smirk makes her seem all the more playful, even mischievous! Plus, if you look closely, you’ll notice that her eyelashes seem a touch longer than those of other villagers, so she might be wearing makeup to accentuate her goth style. And to pull the whole look together, Cherry has two silver earrings on her left ear. Like we said: unapologetically goth, and we’re loving it! 

Here’s a breakdown of everything else you need to know about this sisterly dog:

PersonalityBig sister
Birthday and Zodiac SignMay 11, Taurus
Initial Phrase“what what”
Initial ClothesSpider-web Tee
Home RequestA catwalk
SkillWaking up early

The regular amount of milk

Two spoonfuls of sugar

Favorite SongK.K. Fusion (NL, HHD)

K.K. D&B (NH)

AppearancesNL, HHD, PC, NH


Her personality

True to her sisterly personality, Cherry is ready and willing to help the player when they’re in need. She’ll often give you fighting tips and offer you advice on how to relax in the village. In other cases, she may even offer to fight anyone who gives you trouble! Though if she isn’t fighting villagers, she’s telling them off for badmouthing her friends. So, even though she may seem intimidating and scary with her gothic style, she’s actually a lovely villager to have around! And hey, if you ever get stung with a bee, Cherry can give you a dose of medicine to treat the wound.

Though when it comes to other villagers, Cherry might not be as friendly. She dislikes rumors, so she won’t get along well with cranky or snooty villagers. And again, she’s more than ready to fight or argue with anyone who gives her friends trouble. But aside from that, Cherry’s dandy! She can get along with jocks because she likes sports; lazy villagers because she appreciates how chill they are; and peppy villagers because they’re easy to talk to! So, really, just keep her away from snooties and crankies.

Her house

Cherry’s house in both New Leaf and New Horizons remains true to her style: gothic. In New Leaf, her wallpaper is a Stripe Wall and her floor is made of Modern Tile. She has a black bed and red cushioned chairs. Plus, she owns a treadmill and an exercise bike. (No wonder she gets along with the jocks!) On her Sleek Table is a stereo that plays her favorite song and a kettle. So if you want to hear her sing, pay her a visit!

As for New Horizons, Cherry’s house has a similar style, but she’s upgraded her interior design. Her wallpaper is the Cityscape Wall and her floor has an elegant Skull Print. She’s also replaced her old furniture with an Open-frame Kitchen, a Whirlpool Bath, a Black Wooden Deck Rug, Fragrance Sticks, and an Antique Table. Classy! The stereo may be gone, but if you give her any type of music player she’ll play her favorite song.


Like with any villager, make sure to talk to Cherry every day, help her with tasks, and never ever forget to wish her a happy birthday.

When it comes to giving her clothes as a gift, you’ll want to stick to things that are black or purple and also cool or elegant. Here are some ideas:

  • Biker Jacket
  • Bomber-style Jacket
  • Bone Costume
  • Elegant Hat
  • Floral Lace Dress
  • Mage’s Robe
  • Nylon Jacket
  • Rimmed Glasses
  • Visual-punk Dress
  • Wide-brim Straw Hat

As for furniture, she likes horror-themed or kid-themed furniture. But when you’re unsure, just get her anything expensive! Here are some ideas:

  • Birdcage
  • Diner Mini Table
  • Fortune-telling Set
  • Mama Panda
  • Rattan Towel Basket
  • Skeleton
  • Spooky Tower
  • Stovetop Espresso Maker
  • Wood-burning Stove
  • Zen-style Stone


Cherry’s just one of the many characters in Animal Crossing’s newest installation. So, head over to the Animal Crossing website to learn how to download the game. That way, you can create your very own village and make a bunch of new friends! (Like, maybe, the adorable and preppy bunny Carmen!) Careful though. Once you pick up the game, it’ll be difficult to put down again. Take it from me. I’ve played way more hours than I care to admit. 

But in all honesty, Animal Crossing is just one of those games that never get old. It’s great for stress relief and relaxation. So, what are you waiting for? Go get the game now! And don’t forget about our Cherry Animal Crossing guide when you see the familiar cherry-colored goth dog.


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