Civ 6 National Park – What’s It for and How do I Make One?

What is the point of a National Park in Civ 6?

  • It provides tourism equal to the appeal of the tiles included in it, and thus can be an important part of a strategy pursuing a Cultural Victory.
  • It provides 2 Amenities to the City that owns it.
  • It provides 1 Amenity to the four closest cities in your empire.
  • Tiles within the Park can still be worked and thus continues to benefit your Civ through additional yields.

Last Updated: October 2021

How do I build a National Park in Civ 6?

In order to build a National Park in Civ 6, you must first unlock Conservation, which is a modern era Civic.

Once this is done, you can build a Naturalist (or Mountie if you are playing as Canada), and the Naturalist can convert a tile to a National Park. They can also be purchased by faith.

How does a Naturalist work in Civ 6?

The only function of a Naturalist in Civ 6 is to build a National Park. It is a single-use unit and has no other abilities. It can be purchased with Faith.

Civ 6 Naturalist

Where do I build a National Park in Civ 6?

The best place to build a National Park is near a Natural Wonder. However, it can also be built in an area where you own 4 tiles in a vertical diamond shape. Further, there needs to be a minimum Appeal of Charming (provided by mountains, coasts or woods).

Civ 6 National Park

Is it worth building a National Park in Civ 6?

In most cases, no. National Parks are great if you are pursuing a Cultural Victory as it can produce a strong amount of Tourism. However, if you are not pursuing a Cultural Victory, you are better off using you faith for something that can contribute to your particular victory objectives.

Having said that, a Cultural Victory can be particularly interesting if you are playing Civilization: Gathering Storm, which introduced a feature called Cultural Dominance. Meaning, if you are far ahead of your opposition, you can obtain significant gold benefits (international trade routes provide +4 gold), spy completion rates (50% faster), and more loyalty pressure on neighboring cities (additional 25%).

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