Civ 6 Tier List (Jun. 2021) Civs, Leaders, Pantheons, Wonders


Going back to the meat and potatoes of this article, we ultimately recommend playing with whatever Tier you want! It’s a game, it’s meant to be fun. Whether you’re playing as an S-Tier civ or a LOL-Tier civ, you can rest assured  you will still utter “just… one… more.. turn..” under your breath as you play into the middle of the night. Have fun!

Some background information:

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI was released in 2016 and is still a popular game, with a Metacritic score of 88 and 9.5 scores from different publications. So far, Civilization 6 received four major expansions: Rise and Fall, Gathering Storm, Red Death, and New Frontier.

The last expansion, New Frontier was released this year in May, and it has brought four downloadable content packs. Pack five will be added in January 2021 and Pack six will be available in March 2021.

The purpose of the game is to:

  • Found cities and manage them so that they continually grow;
  • Create various improvements around the cities to promote growth and productivity, such as farms and mines;
  • Explore randomly generated maps with scouts and other units;
  • Develop a military to defend against and attack roaming barbarians and other civilizations;
  • Advance your technology, government structure and culture between the Ancient Era and Future Eras; and,
  • Manage diplomatic relations and trade with other civilizations

Civilization 6 is available for a long list of platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, macOS, iOS, Windows PC, Linux, Classic Mac OS, and the next-generation platforms PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Special Thanks to Twitch Streamer CivCenturion who undertook some truly exceptional analysis in preparing some of the the rankings for this Civ 6 Tier List. ProClockers modified some of these tables for easy-reading.  Be sure to check him out on Twitch:

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Austin COD
5 months ago

Wow you guys went all out. This Civ 6 Tier List is incredible… actually its more like 10 tier lists. How long did this take you?? geeze

2 months ago

Poundmaker is one of my favourites…. Maybe im just a sucker for punishment but here are my reasons: Strong scout that can assist in early capital taking (doesn’t get bonus versus arrows so you still want atleast a couple of warrior variants for later in the game). This scout lets you pick the reward from huts meaning you can sneak in a weapons upgrade and get an archer with double sight bonus or heaps of extra defence and heal. The scouts also can take more hits and less likely to get one shot prior to tech upgrade, meaning more of… Read more »