Dragalia Lost Tier List (June, 2021)

Dragalia Lost Tier List

We are showcasing our Dragalia Lost Tier List for Adventurers in this article. (Last Updated: June, 2021)

Dragalia Lost is an action-RPG developed by Cygames and published by Nintendo for Android and iOS. The game is one of the best free-to-play RPGs and was even nominated for “Portable Game of the Year” at the 22nd Annual D.I.C.E awards. The action RPG’s biggest draw is allowing players to fight enemies as human adventurers alongside dragons. These adventurers, as they’re known in-game, all correspond to one of five Elements, namely, flame, water, wind, light and shadow. They are then further categorized into the type of gameplay the offer like attack, defense, support and healers. The game has crossed over with multiple series such as Fire Emblem, Mega Man and Monster Hunter.

Dragalia Lost  Tier List

But with so many adventurers to keep track of, it may be difficult for players to know which ones are actually the best and that’s why we have prepared a Dragalia Lost Tier List. The tier list has been divided into four tiers, S/A/B/C, S-Tier being the best and C-Tier being the bottom of the barrel.


These are the meta-defining adventurers in the game. These characters are always on meta and are often so powerful that in co-op modes multiples will be run. The adventurers that are placed within this tier are highly recommended picks.

Flame Water Wind Light Shadow
The Prince Gala Elisanne Lousie Mitsuhide Gala Alex
Mikoto Hunter Sarisse Lowen Lucretia Bellina
Ezelith Elisanne Ranzal Gala Luca Veronica
Gala Laxi Karina Gala Ranzal Summer Cleo Grace
Ramona Summer Celliera Gala Leif Halloween Elisanne Patia
Gala Mym Xander Sylas Peony
Emma Mitsuba Templar Hope Gala Zena
Seimei Jiang Ziya Ilia
Halloween Lowen
Gala Leonidas


Adventurers in this tier are just barely below those in S-Tier, but are slightly less favored. They can definitely be used to clear the most difficult content in the game, but sometimes won’t be chosen right away for co-op play. Typically this is a result of their overall damage being marginally off of the best units within the element, or having utility that is not as supportive as those in the tier above.

Flame Water Wind Light Shadow
Naveed Xainfried Lin You Amane Forte
Marth Lily Tobias Albert Cleo
Rena Lazry Noelle Gala Prince Gala Cleo
Nobunaga Catherine Summer Sinoa Julietta Delphi
Halloween Mym Celliera Valentine’s Melody Fleur Heinwald
Gala Sarisse Valerio Kirsty Alfonse Curran
Student Maribelle Pipple Akasha Beautician Zardin Lathna
Verica Summer Julietta Summer Norwin Sharpshooter Joe Zena
Valentine’s Hildegarde Tiki Wedding Aoi Annelie Summer Patia
Yukata Cassandra Fjorm Hawk Hunter Vanessa Leyasu
Karl Yurius Chitose Yaten
Valentine’s Orion Eugene Radiant Xuan Zang Natalie
Serena Dragonyule Cleo


These adventurers aren’t the worst out there, their damage and support utility is generally good enough with a bit more investment and skill then Adventurers in the tiers above. Often, there is another Adventurer that simply does their job, but better. You will have a harder time finding a pick up group, but with patience and investment you can definitely clear end game content with these Adventurers.

Flame Water Wind Light Shadow
Hunter Berserker Ricardt Wedding Elisanne Luca Nefaria
Aoi Zardin Melody Summer Mikoto Vice
Laxi Nurse Aeleen Victor Yukata Curran Althemia
Renelle Orsem Addis Dragonyule Malora Kleimann
Yuya Summer Estelle Dragonyule Xainfried Yachiyo Rodrigo
Vanessa Luther Summer Amane Sharena Botan
Nadine Dragonyule Nefaria Maribelle Zhu Bajie Summer Verica
Chelsea Renee Su Fang Xiao Lei Audric
Xania Summer Ranzai Wedding Xania Hildergarde Aldred
Sinoa Eleonora Halloween Althemia Nevin
Incognito Nefaria Aeleen Sha Wujing Valentine’s Addis
Pia Summer Luca
Halloween Edward


These Adventurers have some serious flaws holding them back, or a meta game that just renders their kit or resistances useless. You could clear the hardest content in the game with them, but either a monstrous investment, a good deal of luck, and some patient public players that are willing to help carry you to clear with that adventurer. They can still pull their own weight, but it would be significantly easier just to use another Adventurer.

Flame Water Wind Light Shadow
Chrom Halloween Odetta Musashi Estelle Durant
Xuan Zang Thaniel Joachim Vixel Sazanka
Joe Dragonyule Xander Felicia Alex
Valentine’s Ezelith Fritz Cassandra
Mega Man Hanabusa Norwin
Wu Kong


So that’s our tier list for Dragalia Lost. This tier list should be seen as an investment guide. It is not reflective of an Adventurers raw power in a vacuum. Instead, it focuses on an Adventurers capabilities in current endgame content presented within Dragalia Lost. A higher tier unit will have an easier time finding groups due to their potent capabilities as either a support, damage or healing unit. Lower tier units meanwhile typically have reduced viability as a result of their kits being inferior to units above them, and as such will have a hard time joining into public lobbies. As such, investing in a S-Tier Adventurer will make progression easier and smoother than a lower tier one.

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