Earth Crystal Stardew Valley Mining Guide 2021

Earth Crystal Stardew Valley

With our Earth Crystal Stardew Valley Mining Guide, you’ll find the best locations for mining and the best ways to make use of this uncommon mineral in the game!

Last Updated: October 2021

Stardew Valley has made waves in the past few years since its release in 2016, making it one of the most popular farming and simulation games to date. With its wide range of characters, interesting gameplay mechanics, and endless replayability, it managed to capture the hearts of gamers everywhere in the world. Whether you like planting crops, fishing, or romancing townies, the game has got something for you.

In our Earth Crystal Stardew Valley guide, we’re going to focus on a particular aspect of the game: mining. It’s probably one of the best ways to make a serious bank, with opportunities to unearth precious stones and minerals with every break of a rock. It’s not without its dangers, however, and with the huge variety of wealth you can unearth in Pelican Town’s mines, you may also be quite confused about how to get a particular stone or how to use it. This article, in particular, aims to help you with the Earth Crystal– so read on and find out how to make the most of this gem!


As you’ve started going through the first few mines or cracking your first geodes, you may have encountered the Earth Crystal. A diamond-shaped, tan-colored mineral with a mild shine, players are often confused on when or where to use this stone, or how to get much more of it. Worry not, because we’ve got all the information for you here in our Earth Crystal Stardew Valley Mining Guide!

The Earth Crystal tends to be one first uncommon minerals you will unearth in the mines (and sometimes in your farm too). It can be found from levels 1-39 of the Pelican Town mines, can be acquired from cracking Geodes or Omni Geodes with Clint (the town Blacksmith), from panning in the rivers, from fishing for treasure chests, and as monster drops in the mines. There’s a wide variety of ways you can continually get these minerals as you go through the game, so you won’t be missing out on it by a mile!

Be careful if you use bombs to mine, however. Earth Crystals can be shattered by bomb explosions, so don’t set off bombs anywhere near them when they’ve already been unearthed from the rocks!


The Earth Crystal can be used in many different ways throughout the game. One major use is to complete the Geologist’s Bundle in the Community Center. The bundle is located in the far east of the building, inside the decrepit Boiler Room. Completing it will reward you with 5 Omni Geodes and will contribute toward the renovation of the Boiler Room, which will result in having all the mining carts fixed throughout town. This will make it easier to travel inside the mines and through different parts of the entire map.

Another use for the Earth Crystal is for gifting to townies. There is a large number of people in Pelican Town who would like to be given the mineral, making it a valuable gifting item to keep in your inventory.

Besides that, you can also use the Earth Crystal to buy the Earth Obelisk from the Wizard. To do so, you must complete the Goblin Problem quest, which will open the option of purchasing buildings from the Wizard’s Tower. When you have 500,000g, 10 Earth Crystals, and 10 Iridium Bars to spare, you can purchase the Obelisk to have an instant option for warping to the Mountains.

And lastly, you can use the Earth Crystal for certain crafting recipes. The first one is for creating a Mayonnaise Machine, which will help you create and sell mayonnaise for profit. Prepare 15 Wood, 15 Stones, 1 Earth Crystal, and 1 Copper Bar in your inventory and use the crafting option to create your very own Mayonnaise Machine.

The second and last recipe you can use this in is creating a Shirt through the Sewing Machine. By adding an Earth Crystal to the spool, you will generate a Shirt with a coloring that looks quite similar to the crystal.


Who knew such a small crystal can have lots of gameplay potential? We hope that our Earth Crystal Stardew Valley Mining Guide has given you useful insight on how to make the best use of this mineral in your game, and even get you closer to that coveted Perfection Achievement.

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