Exos Heroes Tier List (September 2021)


Exos Heroes Tier Lis

In this article, we will be presenting our official Exos Heroes Tier List.

Last Updated: September 2021

Exos Heroes is a 3D turn-based mobile gacha-RPG that was released in South Korea by Oozoo Inc. Since its release in 2019, Exos Heroes has gained immense popularity and was released worldwide by LINE games in May 2020.

The gameplay in Exos Heroes is tailored around collecting different heroes to make up your team with and using their unique skills and abilities to fight various bosses in the game. The game features 200 different characters giving people ample replayability and new gameplay experience every time they play.

We have ranked the characters of Exos Heroes into tiers (S+/S/A+/A/B/C) starting from the strongest in S+ Tier to the weakest in C Tier. This will help new players starting the game to understand whether the characters they have gotten are strong or weak.

Exos Heroes Tier List


Heroes in the S+ Tier are very rare and difficult to get. These heroes can easily crush anything in their path and are considered godlike.

  • Bathory (Fated)
  • Garff (Fated)
  • Rachel (Fated)
  • Rudley (Fated)
  • Shufraken (Fated)
  • Bathory

S Tier

Heroes in the S-Tier are undeniably strong and can help you breeze through the story content with ease. We definitely recommend having one or two heroes from this list in your team.

  • Uloom (Fated)
  • Baraka (Fated)
  • Ramge (Fated)
  • Garff
  • Jinai
  • Rachel
  • Tantalo

A+ Tier

The A+ tier consists of mainly legendary heroes that you should consider in case you do not have any fated heroes. Fated heroes have greater base parameters and stronger skill sets that give them an edge over these legendary heroes.

  • Deva
  • Leger
  • Firis
  • Adams
  • Tantalo
  • Metron
  • Sharpei
  • Otard
  • Karin
  • Astarde
  • Lepin
  • Degas
  • Monica
  • Scarlet
  • Guter
  • Luke
  • Vinity
  • Sernando
  • Yao
  • Hawkeye

A Tier

The A tier heroes fall behind their counterparts in S+, S and A primarily due to their low survivability and their lack of AoE skills. However, these heroes do find their place in certain off meta builds.

  • Emma (Fated)
  • Bernavas (Fated)
  • Zeon (Fated)
  • Jinn (Fated)
  • Valarr (Fated)
  • Xiakhan (Fated)
  • Bernadette
  • Anastasia
  • Shufraken
  • Baraka

B Tier

The B tier heroes fall behind in almost every aspect when compared to the heroes in higher tiers but they serve a limited purpose in a few niche meta build for certain bosses.

  • Emma
  • Sabrina
  • Jinn
  • Bernavas
  • Rudley
  • Talia
  • Magi
  • Valentina
  • Chati
  • Rera
  • Uloom

C Tier

The C tier heroes only hold a place in the early game builds. These are too weak for any meta later in the game and should be replaced as soon as possible with heroes from higher tiers.

  • Baileysh
  • Ramge
  • Mahar
  • Shell
  • Xiakhan
  • Valarr


So, that’s our take on the Exos Heroes Tier List. Hopefully, this gives you a better idea on how to progress in the game. It is definitely worth investing into higher tier heroes as it makes a significant difference during boss encounters. You are missing out on hours of fun and excitement if you haven’t started playing this game yet, Start your new and exciting Exos Heroes adventure here!

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