Genshin Impact Tier List (January 2022)

Genshin Impact Tier List: Elemental Reactions


To deal massive damage in Genshin Impact, you’re going to have to tap into Elemental Reactions. Put simply Elemental Reactions are the result of mixing two Elements together. Here’s a rundown of all the reactions and their effects.

Hydro + Pyro = Vaporize

Deals extra damage when inflicted.

Electro + Hydro = Electro-Charged

Deals extra Electro damage, bouncing among all Hydro-afflicted enemies nearby.

Electro + Cryo = Superconduct

Unleashes AoE Cryo damage and reduces the enemy’s Physical Defense by 50%.

Hydro + Cryo = Frozen

Freezes all enemies affected.

Cryo + Pyro = Melt

Deals extra damage when inflicted.

Electro + Pyro = Overloaded

Unleashes AoE Pyro damage.

Anemo + Any Element* = Swirl

*except Geo

Spreads the effect of the current Element, while also dealing extra damage.

Geo + Any Element** = Crystalize 

**except Anemo

Drops a crystal that, when picked up, forms a shield around the player.



Now that you already know the different elements in the game and how to use them to your advantage, let’s learn more about the different types of weapons in Genshin Impact to know which match your gameplay.

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