Genshin Impact Tier List (January 2022)


Is Genshin Impact free-to-play?

Yes. The game is free to download and enjoy. However, it has a working gacha system, where you spend money to get more rolls for characters. These are known as Wishes.

What platforms is Genshin Impact available to play on?

You can play Genshin Impact on PC, PlayStation 4, and mobile. There’s talk of releasing it to the Nintendo Switch, but as of yet, there’s no official date.

What type of game is Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is an Action Role-Playing Game that has multiplayer cooperative features. Note that while you can explore the world of Teyvat together with friends, most main quests bar cooperative play and must be undertaken alone.

Can Genshin Impact be played offline?

No. You need access to a stable internet connection in order to play and progress in the game.

Does Genshin Impact support cross-play?

Yes. This applies across all platforms. So, regardless of where you’re playing, you can jump into a cooperative session with your friends!

Genshin Impact Tier List: 2.1 Updates


Raiden Shogun Banner (Electro Archon, 5-Star)

  • Sara
  • Sucrose
  • Xiangling

Kokomi Banner (Hydro Priestess, 5-Star)

  • Rosario
  • Beidou
  • Xingqui


  • La Signora

La Signora is a Domain boss that players can defeat and collect rewards from once a week.

  • Hydro Hypostasis

Another addition to the cube family!

  • Thunder Manifestation

This boss is essentially an Electro Oceanid.


In the new update, players can seek out a fisherman, who will give them a rod and encourage them to go fishing. After a brief tutorial, the player will now be able to fish in any highlighted areas in the water.

The game now has around 20 different fish breeds, some ornamental. And these can be caught then displayed in their Serenitea Pot. Alternatively, you can turn your catch into representatives of the Fishing Association in exchange for goodies. One of the rewards you can get is The Catch, a four-star polearm that boosts the user’s Energy Recharge, Elemental Burst Damage, and Elemental Burst Critical Rate.

Genshin Impact Tier List: 2.2 Updates


Childe, otherwise known as Tartaglia, is one of the most sought-after characters of Genshin Impact. Apart from being an amazing DPS character, he’s also well-loved for his appearances in the main questline. (Plus, the fangirls are crazy about him.) 

Since his last appearance was way back in Version 1.1 of the game, everyone who missed him now has a chance to roll for the famed Harbinger again. Plus, his banner comes with a decent roster of 4-star characters. So even if you don’t pull Childe, you’re sure to get some pretty useful characters for your current team. Here’s who you might get:

  • Ningguang
  • Chongyun
  • Yanfei

The Childe banner went live on October 12 for North American servers and October 13 for Asian servers. It should be up for at least 20 days, so get pulling! I held off pulling for Kokomi, so I have quite a few Primogems stocked up. I might use a few of them for Childe, but a part of me wants to wait for other 5-stars who haven’t gotten a rerun yet. (Still waiting for you to come home, Klee, you adorable arsonist.)


Genshin Impact offers players an immersive experience, with its rich lore and expansive open world. It benefits from its cute, anime art style, similar to games like Princess Connect! Re:Dive and Azur Lane. But what sets Genshin Impact apart from these titles is the fact that it allows players to explore its fantasy world fully. The combat is a huge part of the title, highlighting the need for planning and strategy. Hopefully, our Genshin Impact Tier List helped you, in this regard. But the game also allows for quiet moments, where players get lost in the scenery as they traverse the land of Teyvat. This is what makes Genshin Impact such an excellent game, suitable for gamers of all backgrounds.

To download the game and start exploring the fantastical world of Teyvat, head over to the game’s official website.

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