Granblue Fantasy Tier List (January 2022)

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In this article, we will be presenting our official Granblue Fantasy Tier List, which is based on one of our favorite games in the Gacha genre. There are few games like it, especially when you consider that it was first released on 2014 and is still an ever-evolving game. In it’s almost 7 years of existence GBF has seen a huge success amongst its audience, thanks to the expansive cast of characters it offers and the unique mechanics of this game.

Last Updated: January 2022

We decided to create a tier list, to help the newcomers get an understanding of what works in the game and what doesn’t. If you search for all the characters of the game, you will be surprised to find that there are actually hundreds of them, with enough numbers to their names to make you wonder were to start from. Well, don’t worry. Keep reading this list and you will get a good idea of what a great character looks like.

We decided to rank only the Super Super Rare (SSR) characters and some Super Rare (SR) ones since they are the ones that will make the real difference in the game. Plus, we don’t think a list with hundreds of names and weird numbers would help anyone.



We are starting with the tip of the iceberg. These characters are the real deal. There is no doubt that if you manage to summon any of these characters, you will be a unstoppable machine in this game. Of course it is extremely rare to summon them (as the name suggest), but that is because they give you a huge advantage, with their amazing stats and their unique abilities.

 Metera Sturm Pengy Monika Robomi Wulf and Renie
 Anila Lucio Mahira Grimnir Io Anthuria
 Athena Vane Leona Tiamat Zooey Predator
Shiva Narmaya Dante and Freiheit Nezahualpilli Noa Vania
 Zeta CagliostroAlexielAndira Ilsa Helel ben Shalem
 Siegfried Europa Zeta and Vaseraga Yurius Ferry Clarisse
 Altair Cain MeteonJeanne d’Arc Black Knight
Vajra Yodarha MelissabelleRei
 Lecia Hallessena Amira
 Grea Halluel and Malluel Kolulu
 Lily Kumbhira Olivia
 Katalina Vikala


If you see any of the names in this list, appear on your screen, as the character you summoned, rejoice. You might as well start breezing through the game’s content immediately. Of course, they are not as strong as the ones in the S-Tier, but they are pretty damn close. Try to get for them the best gear possible.

 Rackam Pholia Medusa Naoise Percival Orchid
 Satyr Sandalphon Baal Societte Silva Vaseraga
 Therese Lancelot Ladiva Kokkoro Levin Sisters Lunalu
 Ghandagoza Romeo Aletheia Morrigna Shitori Black Knights and Orchid
 Colossus Vania and Malinda Jessica Seruel Dorothy and Claudia Tanya
 Scathacha Silva Eustace Gawain Danua Azazel
 Reinhardtzar Diantha Rosetta Stan and Aliza Amira Kou
 Magisa Anne Hallessena Heles Juliet Narmaya
 Teena Milleore and Sahil Lao Ayer Levi Sarunan Rosetta
 Percival Yngwie Vaseraga Lennah Mary Veight
 Kallen Kouzuki Aglovale Sara SelfiraSandalphon Nicholas
 Abby Arulumaya De La FilleAlbertRosamia Joker
 Aoidos YuelEugen ZetaLady Grey
 Grea Shura Soriz Seox
 Zahlhamelina Macula Marius Vira
 Yuisis Izmir
 Lancelot and Vane Charlotta
 Yuel Aqours Second-Years


For all of you perfectionists and completionists, this tier might look like a joke, but for most of the people that are reading this list, all of these characters should be enough to go through all of the games levels with no problem. Especially if you combine these characters ideally, you are looking for some bombastic damage potential.

 Charioce XVII Lady Katapillar and Vira Herja Carmelina Cure Black and Cure White Freezie
 Aquors Third-Years Cucuroux Nezahualpilli Korwa Conan Edogawa Skull
Agielba Owen Yggdrasil Yuisis Pecorine Forte
 Lilele Catherine Suzaku Kururugi Mikazuki Munechika Lelouch Lamperouge
Chat Noir Jin Kaede Takagaki Sophia Karyl
 Ilsa ArrietBaotorda Marquiares
 Yaia FeenaCerberus
 Razia Juri
 Walder Christina
Aquors First-Years Sen


They can’t all be perfect, am I right? That’s what this tier comes down to. They are SSR and SR characters so by definition they are above the average, but still when they are compared to the rest of the characters of the same rarity, there are better alternatives. For example anything that Lowain can do, another water type character, higher on this list can do it better.

 Aster Minami Nitta Nemone Sevastien Erica Fontaine Shao
 Friday Leona Almeida Mikasa Nicholas Sarunan
 Miria AkagiEjaeliMelleau Shiki Ichinose Tear Grants Mika Jougasaki
 Gemini Sunrise Lowain Galadar Krugne Vermeil Will
 DanteCailana The Lowain BrothersHelnarFeather Elize Lotus
Danua Mina Miku Maekawa ArushaKatalina
 Ferry Morphe and Phoebe Sutera Tyre Meg
 Lina Mimlemel and Stumpeye Bridgette and Cordelia Deliford
 Izuminokami KanesadaSevilbarra You
 Sutera Richard
 Naoise Zaja


Now we are getting to the “very not perfect” tier. These characters are suffering in the current meta of the game, by not having a lot of ways to synergize with their team. So if you manage to summon an SSR or SR of this tier, don’t get too excited.

 Elmott Erin Augusta Rashid Novei Ranko Kanzaki
 Barawa Mishra J.J. Arthur and Mordred Johann Yuri Lowell
 Ippatsu Farrah Carmelina Toru Amuro Soriz Randall
 Rosine Chun-Li Zaja Keehar Nakoruru Luna
 Karin Ange Redluck Hazen DaettaKoume Shirasaka
 Karva Naga Juri Eso Ezecrain Zehek
 Alec Lamretta Anzu Futaba Arthur Philosophia Stan
 Stahn Aileron Suframare Skull Ryu Sakura Kinomoto
 Milla Maxwell Sahli Lao Laguna RobertinaCeylan


It feels like all your luck goes to waste, summoning an SSR character to later find out that it’s not that much better than the lower Rarity characters. This is the case with all of the characters in this Tier. We suggest you replace them, as soon as you have anything better.

AnnaPengyParisAsterSachiko KoshizimuAnge
 Teru Tendo Volenna Syr Rita
 Sarya Haohmaru Ludmila
 Dorothy Joy



If you read this whole Granblue Fantasy Tier List, you should be ready to embark on your journey in this great game. Use this list as a guide to choosing your favorite characters but also the ones that you know will provide the results you want. You don’t want to get into the later stages of the game, with a character that will disappoint you. It’s just not worth the time and the effort. This is what our list is here for. Of course, your main purpose should be to have fun.

We hope you found this list useful. If you’d like to see more, then check this list out about Epic 7.


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