Guardian Tales Tier List (May, 2021)

Guardian Tales Tier List

In this article we are going to give you our Guardian Tales Tier List.

If there is one adjective that fits perfectly in 2020, it is weird. Many things have happened, both good and bad. For us, one of the good things that happened was the release of Guardian Tales. Guardian Tales is one of the best RPG games that have been released recently. Actually, even if you compare it to the giants of this genre, it can still hold its ground. With its incredible animation and music, it will leave your visual senses satisfied. Add to that that you have to pick from approximately 70 unforgettable heroes, you can begin to understand why it has gained so much popularity.

One thing that is stopping new players to join the game is that it is hard to know which heroes are worth your time and which ones are lacking in power. It would be amazing if all of the heroes were strong and reliable, but this is not how games work. You have to invest your time in order to get the best heroes in the game. Without a bit of challenge, the game would be kinda meaningless. If you are one of these people that are starting to play the game and want to know which heroes to pick in Guardian Tales, stick around and find out.


Guardian Tales Tier List


We start our list with the strongest heroes in the game. Here you can find some of the most sturdy heroes that can tank through everything, deal crazy amounts of damage no matter the game mode. You can invest everything in making these heroes as powerful as possible since they have the potential to get shine so brightly that you might even get blind. Wear protective gear!! (of course, it’s a joke)

  • Future Princess
  • Flower Girl Bari
  • Mecha Warrior Oghma
  • Dark Magician Beth
  • Archangel Gabriel
  • Eight-tailed Fox Nari
  • Nine-tailed Fox Garam
  • Future Knight
  • Necromancer Noxia
  • Drunken Swordmaster Lynn

Guardian Tales Tier List: A-Tier

Guardian Tales is a game that has as its core mechanic grinding. If you want to get the S-Tier you have to spend a lot of hours playing the game and doing repetitive things. The heroes that don’t require you to invest too much time to get but can fit into any kind of team are the A-Tier ones. They are reliable heroes that have great buffs and the potential to breeze through the game if that’s what you are looking for. Be careful when you are dealing with S-Tier though.

  • Dimension Traveler Catherine
  • Dragon Talon Clan Ranpang
  • Sniper Hekate
  • Red Hood Elvira
  • Golem Rider Alef
  • Ice Witch Lupina
  • Santa’s Little Helper Rue
  • Leaf Fairy Aoba
  • Scrivener Lahn
  • Knight Lady Lapice
  • Exorcist Miya
  • Dragon Avatar Vishuvac
  • Noble Succubus Bianca
  • Mad Scientist Gremory
  • Dancing Archer Tinia
  • Idol Captain Eva
  • Grand Admiral Marina
  • Pirate Rachel
  • Executive Red Hood Arabelle
  • Chosen One’s Archpriestess Veronica
  • Aspiring Warrior Craig
  • Movie Star Eugene

Guardian Tales Tier List: B-Tier

Naturally, when we see the letter “B” we think of something negative, secondary. Well, secondary for sure. Negative, not so much. The fact that they are not the center of this game doesn’t mean that they are not good options in many cases. You can find some create heroes in this tier that would serve as great supporting units for your stronger heroes. A team comprised solely of B-Tier shouldn’t be underestimated.

  • Battleball Girl Rie
  • Kung Fu Master Mei
  • Engineer Marianne
  • Innuit Girl Coco
  • Goddess of War Plitvice
  • Vampire Girl Karina
  • Scientist Sohee
  • Swordsman Akayuki
  • Swindler Magician Dolf
  • Dragon Knight Shapira

Guardian Tales Tier List: C-Tier

Ok, B-Tier is not that bad. But C-Tier is where we have to get stricter. They can make it through various situations and especially for PvE they are not that bad, but if you want to play versus other players and no the games A.I. then you might want to look higher. Of course, everybody has to start from somewhere so don’t be afraid to experiment with this tier, it will a great learning experience.

  • Private Nyan
  • Junior Engineer Marty Junior
  • Succubus Adventurer Yuze
  • Princess Aisha
  • Dual-personality Maid Amy
  • Fire Dragon Girgas
  • Male Knight
  • Twin Fighter Lavi
  • Twin Healer Favi
  • Dragon Seeking Girl Neva
  • White Beast
  • Desert Mercenary Marvin
  • Knight Captain Eva
  • Innkeeper Loraine

Guardian Tales Tier List: D-Tier

Making it through the game with D-Tier heroes is something of a myth. They are below your average hero and you will quickly realize it if you play with them. They can work for the first stages of the game, but the stronger enemies you face, the bigger your disadvantage will be. We would recommend you replace them as quickly as possible. The moment you get anything better.

  • Merchant Agatha
  • Monk Disciple Rio
  • Dragon Talon Clan Hoshida
  • Relic Collector Ailie
  • Super Teatan 2 Blade
  • Doctor DaVinci
  • Baby White Tiger Kang
  • Town Guide Zoe
  • Ghost Guard Oralie
  • Class President Kate
  • Succubus Researcher Peggy
  • Homecoming Queen Mina

Guardian Tales Tier List: LOL-Tier

The bottom of this list is reserved for the heroes that have fallen out of favor with the game’s meta. Maybe it’s not the meta, maybe they are just bad. In the end, what you should get from this tier is a list of heroes that you should avoid. You could experiment with them if you want, but our experience tells us that they are not worth the time.

  • Peddler Maria
  • Guardian Member Bob
  • Elf Archer Leah
  • Caravan Lisa
  • Linda the Senior Guardian
  • Ultra Rationale Dragon
  • Teatan Ninja Jay
  • Byrule’s Hero Hyper

The strongest hero in Guardian Tales

Future Princess

Our pick for the strongest hero in Guardian Tales is Future Princess. We have to admit that she might even be too strong for this game. If you are lucky enough to get Future Princess you are blessed with almost unlimited power. She is an amazing choice for a leader since her weapon skill can trigger a chain after only one cast, she gives amazing sustain to her team and she even increases the movement speed of her whole team, making your options effectively limitless. Some people are demanding that she gets nerfed and we can see why. For now, though, she still reigns supreme.


If you have the itch to play an action RPG game, trust us, Guardian Tales will scratch that itch just at the right spot. Of course, depending on how you like to play these kinds of games, you can choose if some heroes are made for you or not. Hell, if you have enough time, you can even try to create teams only of S-Tiers. On the other hand, if you just want to get as good as possible as fast as possible, study this list and try to aim for the best time-for-power heroes. Some bargains can’t be ignored. Any way you decide to play this game, you are going to have a ton of fun/

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