Hades Weapon Tier List (September 2021)

Hades Weapon Tier List

Our Hades Weapon Tier List features all the Infernal Arms in the game plus their Aspects.

Last Updated: September 2021
In this update, we added “S-Tier Weapon Builds with Boons”



Hades Weapon Tier List

Hades Weapon Tier List: Aspects

Hades Weapon Tier List: S-Tier Weapon Builds with Boons

Hades is a high-octane dungeon crawler that combines exciting gameplay and a riveting storyline. In it, players follow the story of Zagreus, Hades’s immortal son, as he tries to escape the Underworld and climb Mt. Olympus. To progress, you’ll need to battle through hordes of monsters with weapons known as Infernal Arms.

Hades was released in September 2020. At the time, the game was only available for PC and Nintendo Switch. But because of its popularity, the developers ported the game to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. So, now that it’s more accessible to the gaming community, it’s only fitting that we help you maximize your strategy with our Hades Weapons Tier List.

Keep on reading to see the best weapon-Aspect combinations in the game!


There are six Infernal Arms in Hades, and each has four different sets of stat buffs. These variations manifest through a weapon’s Aspects. For this Hades Weapon Tier List, we’ll be ranking every known combination in one of four tiers: S, A, B, or C. S-Tier combinations are the most effective in the game, while C-Tier combinations don’t bring much to the table. This way, you’ll know which Infernal Arms and Aspects to invest in.

  • Eternal Spear (Aspect Of Guan Yu)
  • Heart-Seeking Bow (Aspect Of Chiron)
  • Shield of Chaos (Aspect Of Chaos)
  • Adamant Rail (Aspect Of Eris)
  • Heart-Seeking Bow (Aspect Of Hera)
  • Heart-Seeking Bow (Aspect Of Rama)
  • Shield of Chaos (Aspect Of Beowulf)
  • Shield of Chaos (Aspect Of Zagreus)
  • Shield of Chaos (Aspect Of Zeus)
  • Stygian Blade (Aspect Of Arthur)
  • Stygian Blade (Aspect Of Poseidon)
  • Twin Fists of Malphon (Aspect Of Demeter)
  • Twin Fists of Malphon (Aspect Of Talos)
  • Adamant Rail (Aspect Of Hestia)
  • Adamant Rail (Aspect Of Lucifer)
  • Adamant Rail (Aspect Of Zagreus)
  • Eternal Spear (Aspect Of Achilles)
  • Eternal Spear (Aspect Of Hades)
  • Heart-Seeking Bow (Aspect Of Zagreus)
  • Eternal Spear (Aspect Of Zagreus)
  • Stygian Blade (Aspect Of Nemesis)
  • Stygian Blade (Aspect Of Zagreus)
  • Twin Fists of Malphon (Aspect Of Gilgamesh)
  • Twin Fists of Malphon (Aspect Of Zagreus)


Now that you know the best weapons in the game, you’ll need to understand how Aspects work.

Don’t worry coz our Hades Weapon Tier List got you!

Aspects are essentially variations of a specific weapon. Each Aspect draws inspiration from a mythological figure, most of whom are from the Greek mythos. Some offer passive stat buffs, like increased movement speed and higher critical chance.

Meanwhile, other special Aspects can do as much as alter Zagreus’s attack styles. This can range from changing the way you move with the weapon to replacing its special skill!

Unlocking Aspects

Players can gain more Aspects for their weapons with Titan Blood. It’s an in-game currency obtained by completing bounties in the Underworld. The more Titan Blood you earn, the more you’ll be able to upgrade your arsenal.

Hidden Aspects

Hidden Aspects are overhauls of the game’s Infernal Arms. They present drastic changes to the way Zagreus wields the weapon and are even based on figures outside of Greek mythology. Because they’re so special, they cannot be unlocked with Titan Blood and require a secret phrase. To find the phrase, explore the world of Hades and talk to other characters. You never know when an NPC will blurt out the sentence you need. Hint: You’ll need to beat the final boss at least once during your playthrough and obtain an item known as the Fated List of Minor Prophecies.

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Hades Weapon Tier List: S-Tier Weapon Builds with Boons

If you’re new to this highly-popular rogue-lite game, you may want to brush up on some S-tier weapon builds before you launch yourself into the fray. We’ve provided some of our top tips on S-tier weapons, where to get them, and how to effectively build them to get yourself the best results to carry you through every stage in the game, including the final boss.

Eternal Spear (Aspect of Guan Yu)

Varatha, the Eternal Spear is one of the best weapons for Zagreus, the game’s protagonist, as it holds a lot of personal importance to him and his family history. His father, Hades, used this very weapon to fight against the Titans.

In addition to Varatha being Hades’ personal weapon, it’s also quite a powerful spear that delivers long-range stab attacks which helps keep Zagreus from receiving close-ranged damage, and unleashes a spin attack that deals high damage within a wide radius.

Its special attack is a spear throw that damages enemies along its trajectory until it lands on its target. If you reactivate the special, it will call the spear back to Zagreus, dealing considerable damage along the way.

Eternal Spear General Weapon Stats and Info:
Attack TypeHow to UseDamage DealtMisc.
StrikePress the Attack button25 dmg
ComboPress the Attack button 3 times25 dmg -> 1st strike

30 dmg -> 2nd/3rd strike

Dash AttackPress the Attack button immediately after pressing Dash20 dmg
Spin AttackHold Attack to charge, then release to spin30 dmg -> 1st charge

50 dmg -> 2nd charge

100 dmg -> max charge

AoE damage

Backstab is disabled

ThrowPress the Special button to throw. Press the Special button again or Attack to recall your spear.25 dmg -> throw

25 dmg -> recall

Range: 850

If spear is thrown, attacks aren’t possible until recalled.

Aspect of Guan Yu: Build

The Eternal Spear has 4 Aspects you can unlock: Zagreus, Achilles, Hades, and Guan Yu. Guan Yu is the weapon’s hidden aspect and the last one you can unlock, giving you the Frost Fair Blade and enabling you to become a master swordsman with its unique moveset.

Each Aspect has 5 levels that are unlockable by spending Titan Blood, and you can only unlock Guan Yu after unlocking 3-4 other Aspects before it. In total, you will be spending 51 Titan Blood to get to the highest level of the Eternal Spear builds.

Game Requirements for Unlocking the Aspect of Guan Yu
  • Purchase the Fated List of Minor Prophecies from the House Contractor
  • Get to the final boss, although defeating them is not required at this point
  • Unlock 5 non-Zagreus Aspects for any weapon by spending Titan Blood
  • Speak with Achilles until he says “I see you through the eyes of the crimson phoenix”, which will trigger the awakening of this Aspect.
  • Go to the House and equip the Eternal Spear then interact with its placeholder to reveal the Aspect of Guan Yu.
Aspect of Guan Yu: Stats and Info

Game Description: You have the Frost Fair Blade, but your life and healing are reduced.

A mighty general shall battle with unmatched ferocity to unite his people.”

Life Total & Life Gain
(-70% / -65% / -60% / -55% / -50%)

  • Make sure to max out this Aspect to lessen the HP cut to 50%.
  • Use the Daedalus Hammer upgrade to increase the Spin Attack charging speed, lessening your vulnerability in the field.
Attack TypeHow to UseDamage DealtEffects
StrikePress the Attack button40 dmg
ComboPress the Attack button 3 times40 dmg -> 1st

60 dmg -> 2nd

100 dmg -> 3rd

Dash AttackPress the Attack button immediately after pressing Dash30 dmg
Serpent SlashHold Attack to charge, then release to throw a spinning blade that moves forward and deals AoE damage20 dmg/0.5s -> 1st

30 dmg/0.5s -> 2nd

50 dmg/0.5s -> max

– This heals Zagreus with every 1 hit

– The blade bounces off pillars and walls as it spins and pierces enemies

Crackling SkewerPress the Special button to throw a firework through a straight line. This cannot be retrieved.45 dmgPierces enemies

Aspect of Guan Yu: Best Boons

The right path to a God-tier Aspect of Guan Yu build is utilizing the Dionysius and Demeter Boons. Because of the health and healing debuffs that this Aspect gives you in return for its potential damage, you need their boons to keep your survivability in each fight. Listed below are the essential boons for this build:

BoonGame DescriptionEffect (per Rarity)
Drunken Dash


Your Dash inflicts foes near you with HangoverHangover Damage

Common: 2
Rare: 3
Epic: 4
Heroic: 5

Rare Crop


Your Boons become Common, then gain Rarity every 3 Encounter(s)Random boons affected

Common: 1
Rare: 2
Epic: 3

Ravenous Will


While you have no Cast, take 10% less damage and deal moreDamage bonus

Rare: +20%
Epic: +30%
Heroic: +40%

Trippy Shot


Your Cast lobs a projectile that bursts into Festive FogBlast Damage
Common: 100
Rare: 120
Epic: 140
Heroic: 160
Nourished Soul


Any Health effects are more potent. Restore +30% nowImproved Restoration

Common: 30%
Rare: 32.25%
Epic: 34.5%
Heroic: 36.75%

Strong Drink


Using a Fountain restores all Health and gives you bonus damageBonus Damage per Fountain

Common: 3%

After Party


If your Health is low after Encounters, restore to the thresholdLife Threshold 

Common: 30%
Rare: 37.5%
Epic: 45%
Heroic: 60%

Positive Outlook


Take less damage while at 40% Health or belowDamage Resistance

Common: 10%
Rare: 15%
Epic: 20%

Premium Vintage


Gain Health when you pick up Nectar. Receive 1 Nectar nowLife Gain

Common: 20 Health
Rare: 25
Epic: 30
Heroic: 35

Heart-Seeking Bow (Aspect of Chiron)

This beginner-friendly weapon is one of the best in the game, allowing players to deal considerable damage from afar if equipped with the right boons. It is unlockable from the Arsenal with 1 Chthonic Key.

The Heart-Seeking bow can charge to deal increased damage from a distance, and if released at the right moment can deal an additional 10 damage. Its special attack releases a group of arrows in a cone formation, with each projectile dealing 10 damage.

Heart-Seeking Bow General Weapon: Stats and Info
Attack TypeHow to UseDamage DealtEffects
FireHold the Attack button to fire20-60 dmgPierces enemies
Dash AttackAfter Dash, your first Attack will charge faster but deals less damage20-40 dmgPierces enemies
Volley FirePress the Special button, which releases 9 arrows in an arc formation10 dmg each
Power ShotRelease the Attack button while flashing to Power Shot. If dashing, this will deal less damage.70 dmg

50 dmg (if dashing)

Pierces enemies
Aspect of Chiron Build:

The Heart-Seeking Bow has 4 unlockable Aspects: Chiron, Zagreus, Hera, and Rama. These are all unlockable with Titan Blood, with the player having to spend 51 Titan Blood to unlock all at their highest levels.

The Aspect of Chiron is considered by many to be the best build-out of these four despite it not being the last/hidden one, as its special attack automatically tracks the last enemy you hit and strikes it again. This makes you a persistent fighter, helping you wipe enemies off the battlefield from a distance without the need to be very skilled with aiming for particular targets.

Aspect of Chiron: Stats and Info

Game Description: Your Special automatically seeks the foe last struck by your Attack.

When first it was fashioned, the centaur lord himself affirmed its might.”

Upgrades: Max Shots per Special (4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8)

  • Use Daedalus Hammer Upgrade to increase the number of Special arrows and their damage dealt.
Aspect of Chiron: Best Boons

If you are to make the best use of the Aspect of Chiron build, you need Ares boons to maximize your damage and area of effect:

BoonGame DescriptionEffect (per Rarity)
Curse of Pain


Your Special inflicts DoomCurse Damage

Common: 60
Rare: 80
Epic: 100
Heroic: 120

Impending Doom


Your doom effects deal more damage but take 0.5 sec to activate.Bonus Doom Damage

Common: +60%
Rare: +66%
Epic: +72%
Heroic: +78%

Dire Misfortune


Your doom effects deal more damage when applied multiple times.Bonus Damage per Curse

Common: 10
Rare: 12
Epic: 14
Heroic: 16

Shield of Chaos (Aspect of Chaos)

Being one of the heavier weapons in the game, the Shield of Chaos can be difficult to master for beginners and people who aren’t used to bulky weaponry alike. But if you’re aiming for a tank-y, defensive build, this may be the right one for you.

This weapon is unlockable with 3 Chthonic Keys, and its fighting style is a singular swing attack that moves in an arc, knocking back enemies with every strike. If you hold the attack button, you can block enemies from up front. Conversely, releasing it will let you do a shield bash, moving forward to hit enemies along the way. With the strength and bulk of this shield, you can block most forms of enemy attacks, including boss attacks and excluding trap/AoE damage.

Shield of Chaos General: Weapon Stats and Info
Attack TypeHow to UseDamage DealtEffects
BashPress the Attack button25 dmgKnocks enemies back
Bull RushHold Attack button to defend, release to perform Bull Rush20-39 dmg -> partial charge

40 dmg -> max charge

Defends against enemy attacks and deals damage as you rush
ThrowPress the Special button10 dmg eachCannot perform any shielding or attacking unless shield is retrieved/picked up
Aspect of Chaos Build

The Shield of Chaos has 4 unlockable Aspects: Zagreus, Chaos, Zeus, and Beowulf. Each Aspect is unlockable through spending Titan Blood, and like all other weapons needs 51 Titan Blood to unlock all Aspects in their highest levels.

The Aspect of Chaos can be quite understated as a build–if you are still in its early stages. Get it up to level 4/5, however, and Zagreus is force to be dealt with on the battlefield. The key to its power lies in its Special, which allows you to constantly Bull Rush opponents, making you virtually invulnerable to attacks and letting you deal considerable damage as you defend yourself.

Aspect of Chaos: Stats and Info

Game Description: “After you Bull Rush, your next Special throws multiple shields.

All sprang from the primordial depths; only one artifact bore witness.”

Upgrades: Bonus Shields Thrown (+1 / +2 / +3 / +4 / +5)

  • Use the Sudden Rush Upgrade to increase your Bull Rush speed.
  • Avoid upgrades that allow your shield to bounce as it increases the time needed for your weapon to be retrieved.
Aspect of Chaos: Best Boons

With its specialized defensive gameplay, you will need certain boons to maximize your damage and survivability. For this build, you need Ares boons on your attack and Dionysius boons on your Special to make the most out of your Bull Rush.

BoonGame DescriptionEffect (per Rarity)
Curse of Agony


Your Attack inflicts Doom.Curse Damage

Common: 50
Rare: 75
Epic: 100
Heroic: 125

Drunken Flourish


Your Special inflicts HangoverHangover Damage

Common: 5
Rare: 6
Epic: 27
Heroic: 8


Hades Weapon Tier List

Hades Weapon Tier List: Aspects

Hades Weapon Tier List: S-Tier Weapon Builds with Boons


Upon release, Hades gained universal acclaim, and it’s easy to see why. The engaging story, fun gameplay, and compelling characters all blend to make a near-perfect game. Hades garnered awards, like Best Indie Game and even Game of the Year. Like other iconic titles, like Halo , Resident Evil, and Hades have left a permanent mark on the gaming community. Hopefully, our Hades Weapon Tier List helps you enjoy the game more!

To download Hades and start collecting Infernal Arms and Aspects, head to its official page on the Supergiant website. And while you’re at it, you can take a look at their other games: Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre. Like Hades, these games also emphasize great gameplay and interesting storylines. Check them out!

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