Heroes Of The Storm Tier List (May, 2021)

In this article, we are going to present you our Heroes Of The Storm  (HoTs) Tier List.

Heroes Of The Storm (HotS) is a game that belongs to the category of MOBAs. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBAs) are competitive games that the goal of the game is to destroy the enemy’s base. HotS being loyal to the genre has a lot of characters battling it out with this goal in mind. There are some things that Heroes of the Storm does differently compared to other MOBAs, but the things that Blizzard had always stood out for is its world creation.

For HotS, Blizzard has taken some of the most iconic characters of all their games and put them all in the same battleground. As amazing as this is, it creates a problem. Many people don’t know which characters are good and which ones. In their games, some of these characters might be overpowered, but in HotS they might suffer. In a game that is as competitive as HotS, picking the right characters is the key to victory. So if you want to learn which characters are amazing and which ones are skippable, keep reading this Heroes of the Storm Tier List.

Heroes Of The Storm Tier List


The meta is always changing, and together with it, change the heroes that are on the top of this list. At the current stage of the meta, these are the characters that are dictating the pace of the game. You have to either pick them immediately or ban them. If you don’t want to be playing with a disadvantage, we would recommend you to build your team around these heroes. You should think beforehand about how to counter them.

Hero Class
Cassia Ranged Assassin
Diablo Tank
Johanna Tank
E.T.C. Tank
Mephisto Ranged Assassin

HotS Tier List: A-Tier

“They are not as OP as the S-Tier characters, but they are still quite OP” -proclockers. Those are the words we live by for this game. When you are done with picking or banning the S-Tier heroes, you should move to this tier. The characters here are a bit more balanced, but in the right hands, they can be more deadly than the best of the best. If your main is on this tier, then you have made the right choice. Even if by accident, you have made the right choice.

Hero Class
Garrosh Tank
Falstad Ranged Assasin
Tassadar Ranged Assasin
Abathur Support
Ragnaros Bruizer
Lúcio Healer
Fenix Ranged Assasin
Xul Bruizer
Deckard Healer
Sylvanas Ranged Assasin
Tracer Ranged Assasin
Mal’Ganis Tank
Yrel Bruizer
Thrall Bruizer
Mei Tank
Jaina Ranged Assasin
Greymane Ranged Assasin
Orphea Ranged Assasin
Blaze Tank
Samuro Meele Assassin
Stukov Healer
Kael’thas Ranged Assasin

HotS Tier List: B-Tier

You don’t have to feel guilty for picking B-Tier characters. Just because they are not as strong as the ones higher on the list doesn’t mean they are bad picks (we are not at this tier yet). They are great heroes who, in specific situations can carry the whole team. If you synergize their abilities correctly you can see that their toolkit is made to succeed. Be careful though, they have more counters than you might expect, so pick carefully.

Hero Class
Varian Bruizer
Nazeebo Ranged Assasin
Zarya Support
Lunara Ranged Assasin
Lt. Morales Healer
Anub’arak Tank
Artanis Bruizer
Hanzo Ranged Assasin
Alarak Melee Assassin
Junkrat Ranged Assasin
Tychus Ranged Assasin
Auriel Healer
Zul’jin Ranged Assasin
Zeratul Melee Assassin
Sgt. Hammer Ranged Assasin
Alexstrasza Healer
Gazlowe Melee Assassin
Anduin Healer
Ana Healer
Raynor Ranged Assasin

HotS Tier List: C-Tier

On this tier, it all comes down to preference. There is no point in picking heroes that you don’t know how to play. It is better if you pick the C-Tier hero you know how to play. Especially if you are picking them as direct counters to the picks of your enemies, you have definitely made the right choice. There is a probably better option on the higher tiers, but as we said, it is better to play the ones that you are most comfortable with.

Hero Class
Varian Bruizer
Dehaka Bruizer
Zagara Ranged Assasin
Valla Ranged Assasin
Kerrigan Melee Assassin
Varian Tank
Brightwing Healer
Li LI Healer
Muradin Tank
Malfurion Healer
Arthas Tank
Tyrande Healer
Deathwing Bruizer
Maiev Melee Assassin
Chromie Ranged Assasin
Leoric Bruizer
Whitemane Healer
Cain Healer
Sonya Bruizer
Rehgar Healer

HotS Tier List: D-Tier

Now preference is starting to become less and less important and we are getting more into the numbers territory. Even if you are amazing at playing these heroes, you will still be put at a disadvantage, just because of their abilities. They are either not as useful as others might be, or simply not as powerful. If there is no scaling potential in a hero, even if he is the coolest hero out there, there is no reason in picking them. Very situational picks.

Hero  Class
Maiev Melee Assassin
Chromie Ranged Assasin
Leoric Bruizer
Whitemane Healer
Rehgar Healer
Sonya Bruizer
Cain Healer
Malthael Bruizer
Gul’dan Ranged Assasin
Qhira Melee Assassin


HotS Tier List: LOL-Tier

This is the bottom of our list. Unfortunately, not all heroes are created equal. It is unfair that some characters are so underpowered, but that’s the way the world (of HotS) works. It would be best if you avoided these characters for now. Wait until they get a significant buff.

Hero Class
Li-Ming Ranged Assasin
Chen Bruizer
Kel’Thuzad Ranged Assasin
Uther Healer
Azmodan Ranged Assasin
Imperius Bruizer

Who is the strongest hero in Heroes Of The Storm?

Cassia is a Ranged Assassin that is dominating the meta right now. She can deal exceptional damage and she is great at destroying the backlines of the enemy. Due to Cassia’s builds variety, she can be picked either as a poke damage Hero (with Lightning Fury Build), or as a consistent damage dealer (with Charged Strikes). If you master how to play Cassia, you are going to climb the ranks very easily.


This Heroes of the Storm Tier List might seem simple enough, but when you are playing the game, there are many variables that you should take into account when making a pick. Many of the characters in the lower tiers might be better choices than the strongest heroes, just because of the way your teams’ abilities synergize. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your picks, and don’t be afraid to stick to the list sometimes. Most importantly, there is one tip that we want you to remember for every MOBA game you play. It is ok to pick support. No, wait. PICK SUPPORT.

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