How to make stairs in Terraria

How to make stairs in Terraria

In this article, we are going to teach you, how to make stairs in Terraria.

Last Update: October 2021

What would a house be if it only had one floor? Pretty boring if you ask us. But if you have multiple floors, then you need the invention called stairs, to transverse from floor to floor. If you are playing Terraria, you are probably wondering, how to make a staircase. It a fairly straightforward procedure that once you see it, you will think it’s extremely easy.

How to make stairs

What you will need to create staircases is a few wooden platforms (the quantity depends on how tall is the ceiling), and the hammer.

Step 1. Place the wooden platforms diagonally, starting from the bottom of the floor you are in until you reach the start of the next floor. This is a kind of staircase, but the problem is that you can not walk over it, just jump from platform to platform. That’s where step 2 comes

Step 2. Take the hammer, and hit the tile where you have placed the wooden platform. By doing that once for all the platforms, it connects them together, forming a nice and neat staircase that can help you go from floor to floor without any problems. It’s as simple as that.


Of course, if you are a Terraria veteran you will be wondering why this article exists. We are wondering how come you are still reading this article. For the new players of Terraria that now know how to create staircases, we hope you create them to build an amazing house or to move around the world of Terraria more easily. In the end, the point of Terraria is to shape the world around you to your own needs. A very interesting metaphor for how humans work on this planet.

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