Illusion Connect Tier List (May, 2021)

We are going to showcase our Illusion Connect Tier List in this article.

It is rare for a game to have so much impact in the industry while being so new. Whenever it happens it’s because there is something truly unique about it. For the role-playing games, we think that this game is Illusion Connect. Since its release back in October 2020 there have been millions of players that have been drawn to the game, and they all seem to be finding something different to get hooked by. Some people enjoy the stunning animation of the game, others are drawn by the robust mechanics that the game offers, and of course, we cannot ignore the people that just want to enjoy a deep and thought-provoking story. These and much more are what Illusion Connect offers to the player.

The problem is that it causes some confusion as well with one mechanic. In Illusion Connect, you summon characters through the gacha system. This means that the character you will summon will be random, and you have no way of knowing from before if he is good or bad. Many characters sound great in theory, but in practice, they fall short of being even useful. Some characters might not look strong, but in reality, they are extremely rare and powerful. If you want to solve this problem, keep reading and you will find our tier list, ranking all characters from best to worst.

Illusion Connect Tier List


We thought it is important, to begin with, the most powerful characters in the game. If you manage to summon any of those characters, you are in luck. They will make your experience in the game very easy. Some people say maybe a bit too easy. Any one of the characters in the S-Tier can carry your whole team, with very little investment in gear. We would recommend you to build a team around these characters and just enjoy the show.

Hero Rating Class Grade
Miyuki S Spell SSR
Kasumi S Attack SSR
Yuffie S Sorcerer SSR
Anna S Heal SSR
Maki S Attack SSR
Hachi Shiki S Sorcerer SSR


Illusion Connect Tier List: A-Tier

You should know that when you are aiming for the top, you usually fall a bit short. If you fall in the A-Tier (although it is not like you can control it) you have found yourself pretty high actually. All of these characters are very versatile and you can rely on them to break you through a difficult spot. Especially if you can get the right gear for them, you will see some crazy DPS. Be careful when you are going against the S-Tier ones though since they have some natural advantage.

Hero Rating Class Grade
Selena A Guardian SSR
Kiraya A Guardian SSR
Gemmy A Attack SSR
Vivian A Light SSR
Gaguku A Summon SSR
Hersey A Attack SSR
Eileen A Light SSR
Rotania A Sorcerer SSR
Nicola A Sorcerer SSR
Pheobe A Light SSR


Illusion Connect Tier List: B-Tier

Although everybody would love to have some S-Tier characters, we have to be realistic and understand that it is not very common to summon them. So we have to get by with what we got. B-Tier is the last tier where the characters are still above the average. They are not anything to brag about, but you can get through the game’s content with them without a problem. It might take some more time, but it’s definitely doable.

Hero Rating Class Grade
Rikia B Spell SR
Victoria B Guardian SR
Ming B Heal SSR
Gigi B Attack SR
Nina B Sorcerer SR
Angela B Guardian SSR
Shanti B Guardian R
Rie B Sorcerer R
Annie B Guardian SR
Saya B Attack SR
Pan B Attack SR
Diamond B Heal SR
Ann B Summon SR
The Enforcers B Summon SSR


Illusion Connect Tier List: C-Tier

On this tier, the characters are starting to get a more situational use. There are cases where they might work well and even outshine the higher-ranked ones, but in general, there are better options for everything they do higher on this list. Especially the DPS characters are starting to fall a bit short in this tier. You have to really put some effort into getting the best gear for them if you want to keep playing them until the end.

Hero Rating Class Grade
Alice C Light R
Sachiko C Guardian SR
Chiyo C Sorcerer SR
Barinas C Guardian SSR
Annis Dora C Summon SSR
Nefir C Sorcerer SSR
Diana C Heal SSR
Fenebeth C Sorcerer SSR
Polly C Heal R
Yume C Attack SSR
Hotaru C Attack SSR
Carol C Attack R
Amon C Light SR
Camille C Guardian SSR
Jasmine C Heal SR
Mad Hatter C Summon SR


Illusion Connect Tier List: D-Tier

After situational use comes limited use. You can have the best-equipped team of D-Tiers in the game, you are still going to fall short of a team with A-Tiers and no gear. This is how big the difference is between these categories. We would recommend you to use them for the early stages of the game and then quickly and heartlessly abandon them for anything better that you can find.

Hero Rating Class Grade
Beatrice D Spell SR
Mia D Attack R
Tiffany D Sorcerer SR
Mei D Attack SR
Mary D Sorcerer R
Loro D Guardian R
Frantiva D Summon SSR
Ashwaya D Summon SSR
Edward D Attack SSR
Brooke D Light SSR



Since we talked about abandonment, you know what to do with the characters on this tier. Sometimes we wonder if it’s actually worth it to play any of these characters. Their stats are a shame to the game and the developers have to do some serious tweaking if they want us to pick any of these characters.

Hero Rating Class Grade
Bontenmaru F Guardian R
Nanalie F Spell R
Penny F Attack R
Harto F Light SR
Flora F Summon SR


Who is the strongest character in Illusion Connect?


If you want to solve all your problems in Illusion Connect and feel like an unbeatable God, there is one character you should focus on. Miyuki. Miyuki is the strongest character in the game right now and she has the ability to destroy her opponents in a very quick fashion. She reduces the damage that the enemies deal and at the same time deals some incredible amounts of damage. If you manage to find Miyuki you can be sure that you are in for a smooth ride in Illusion Connect.



No matter what got you hooked in the game, we all have a thing in common. We like to see the numbers above the characters get bigger and bigger. It gives us a feeling of progression that we are lacking from life (at least us). So if you want to get these numbers to get bigger, invest in the highest-ranked characters, get them the right gear, and choose the ones that create the most disgusting combos of all time. On the other hand, if you have gotten too attached to a low-ranked character and you want to play them until the end, we wish you good luck on your journey. You are going to need it.

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