List of Admin Commands for Roblox (January 2022)

Last Updated: January 2022

The admin commands play a very important role in Roblox and you can access these commands by simply typing “: cmd.” within your chatbox in Roblox. Behold some of the most used admin commands:

  • Ff: Creating a force field around the player
  • Unff: Getting rid of the force field
  • Sparkles: Making the character to spark
  • Unsparkles: Disabling the sparkles command
  • Smoke: Smoke embracing the character
  • Unsmoke: Disabling the smoke
  • Bighead: Enlarging the character’s head
  • Sit: Making the player sit
  • Trip: Making the player trip
  • Admin: Allowing the use of the command script
  • Fire: Starting a fire
  • Unfire: Stopping the fire
  • Jump: Makes the character jump
  • Kill: Killing the player
  • Loopkill: Killing the player several times in a row
  • Minihead: Degreasing the character’s head
  • Normal head: Returns the head of the character to normal
  • Unadmin: Losing the ability to use the command script

Also, these admin commands could come in handy as well:

  • Fix: Fixing a script issue
  • Jail: Sending the character into jail
  • Zombify: Turning a character into a zombie
  • Freeze: Freezes the character in place
  • God Mode: Allowing the character to become invincible and unstoppable for his opponents
  • UnGod Mode: Disabling the God Mode
  • Kick: Kicking a player
  • Unjail: Pulling out the character from jail
  • Respawn: Resurrecting a character
  • Explode: Making the character explode
  • Merge: allowing players to control each other
  • Visible: Making the character become visible
  • Invisible: Making the character become invisible
  • Givetools: Getting Roblox Starter Pack tools
  • Removetools: Getting rid of the character’s tools

The full list of admin commands for Roblox is much larger (around 200 commands). You can even buy and download command packs from Roblox’s official website.

Feel free to tell us in a comment about your own favourite list of admin commands for Roblox!

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