Overwatch Tier List (May 2021) All Heroes Ranked


In this article, we are presenting the ultimate Overwatch Tier List. It will be continually updated as the game continues to evolve. It’s hard to be a gamer and not have heard or even played a bit of Overwatch. The game created by Blizzard has entertained us for hours and keeps doing so by evolving and changing, tweaking the heroes and their abilities, “forcing” the meta to change. Gone are the days where you could dominate with 3-4 Tanks in a team. We all remember the famous Nano-visor/Nano-blade strats when we trembled upon hearing Genji’s war cry. The meta is always changing and we think it’s about time we created an Overwatch Tier List about the current stage of the meta, seeing which heroes are viable and which ones are terrib… not so viable.

Last Updated: April 2021 (Updated regularly)

Table of Contents

Overwatch Tier List


S-Tier (Religion-Creating Tier)

  1. Tracer
  2. Roadhog
  3. Wrecking Ball
  4. Zenyatta
  5. Ana

A-Tier (Good Ol’ Reliable Tier)

  1. Mercy
  2. Ashe
  3. Sigma
  4. Soldier 76
  5. Hanzo
  6. McCree
  7. Zarya
  8. Reinhardt

B-Tier (Still Viable Tier)

  1. Echo
  2. D.Va
  3. Winston
  4. Baptiste
  5. Junkrat
  6. Genji
  7. Lucio
  8. Reaper
  9. Oris

C-Tier (Well well well.. how the turntables Tier)

  1. Brigitte
  2. Doomfist
  3. Moira
  4. Widowmaker
  5. Pharah
  6. Torbjorn
  7. Symmetra

F-Tier (Please buff Tier)

  1. Mei
  2. Sombra
  3. Bastion

Overwatch Tier List: All Heroes Ranked

You thought we were just going to give you a list, a few words and that’s it? Nope. Following, you will find a bunch of numbers that kind of justify our picks. Take into account that these numbers are approximations and not fixed values.

  • Mobility: How mobile a hero is.
  • Survivability: How much a hero can survive (by evading, healing or absorbing the damage).
  • DPS/HPS: The potential damage/healing a hero can do (adjusted to the aiming required).
  • Versatility: How easy it is to fit this hero into different playstyles and lineups.
Hero Mobility Survivability DPS/HPS Versatility Total
Tracer 10 6 10 8 34
Roadhog 3 9 9 18 29
Wrecking Ball 9 7 6 6 28
Zenyatta 4 6 9 8 27
Ana 3 5 9 10 27
Mercy 6 4 8 8 26
Ashe 5 4 9 8 26
Soldier 76 5 6 8 7 26
Sigma 2 7 8 8 25
Hanzo 7 3 9 6 25
Mccree 4 4 9 8 25
Zarya 2 8 7 8 25
Reinhardt 2 9 7 7 25
Echo 7 4 6 7 24
D.Va 9 6 6 3 24
Winston 9 6 5 4 24
Baptiste 6 4 7 7 24
Junkrat 7 3 9 5 24
Genji 10 2 8 4 24
Lucio 8 6 4 5 23
Reaper 5 2 9 6 22
Orisa 1 8 6 5 20
Brigette 1 6 6 6 19
Doomfist 7 4 7 1 19
Moira 6 4 5 4 19
Widowmaker 5 3 7 3 18
Pharah 8 2 5 2 17
Torbjorn 4 4 5 2 15
Symmetra 3 3 6 2 14
Mei 2 5 4 2 13
Sombra 3 3 5 1 12
Bastion 1 3 5 1 10


Overwatch Tier List: S-Tier (Religion Creating-Tier)

Does this Tier need explaining? Just pick them and you will see their power.

  • Starting, we have the iconic hero Tracer. An extremely hard hero to master, but an unstoppable killing machine if you learn how to utilize her strengths. Sometimes, playing against a good Tracer, feels like the enemy has an extra hero on their side. The DPS she offer combined with her mobility (let’s admit it, the voice acting as well) makes Tracer our top pick for the best hero in Overwatch. Poke and run boyz.
  • Of course, Wrecking-ball has to be included in this list. We all have a love-hate relationship with Wrecking-ball. When he is in our team and knows what he is doing, we love the chaos he is creating, a real menace though when he is on the enemies’ side.
  • In this Tier, we see some familiar faces, like Zenyatta with its high DPS and fairly straight forward tool kit that has kept it on this Tier almost forever. Everything the meta requires Zenyatta offers it. Plus, it feels great to hit his orbs.
  • Roadhog is a unique case since his hook combo makes him a serious threat for the squishy heroes but also his self-heal makes him quite independent from his healers, giving them the time to deal damage and focus on keeping alive the weaker characters.
  • Ana is a must on this tier, having the highest average pick rate (even in higher ranks) and a very stable win rate percentage. It is obvious that she can offer disable and healing in a quantity that many other heroes lack.

Overwatch Tier List: A-Tier (Good ol’ Reliable)

Following our religion creating heroes, we have the Good ol’ reliable Tier. They might not have the trust or the “one size fits all” of the previous category but Damn they are strong. Depending on the team composition and the type of fighting you are going for, the heroes on this list could be more suitable than some of the higher-ranked ones.


  • The all-famous Mercy. One of the heroes that have been here from the beginning of Overwatch, Mercy has always been an excellent choice when it comes to healing. She can provide all the healing a team needs or a sizeable damage boost. Being able to bring back a hero that just died will always be extremely useful. The reason she is not in a higher tier is that, in this meta, she doesn’t have a big shield tank to protect her, making her quite vulnerable to the enemy’s snipers. Also, her DPS is on the lower side.
  • The next one is Ashe, the versatile mid-range hit scanning hero. Her rifle does some serious damage (provided you land the shots) making her ideal to take down the pesky Echo, Tracer, Mcree player. “Bob” is a force to be reckoned with, and easy to use, since you just press the button and it does the job. She is a very good option for beginners but also more experienced players.
  • No hero is more straightforward than Soldier 76. He has all the abilities you would expect from a soldier but with a built-in auto-aim ultimate. The reason he is so high on our list is because of how easy it is to fit your role as a DPS playing Soldier 76. Just find a good flanking spot and destroy your enemies. His only disadvantage is his mobility, sure he can run fast but he doesn’t have the flying ability of an Echo or any of the skills of Tracer.
  • Sigma fell a little bit from his meta defining days. Of course, he is still a beast that can protect his team from multiple angles, but the nerfs he got were enough to make him a more balanced hero. Now that he can not spam his shield so fast, you need a lot more discipline and communication while you are playing him.
  • Even though the meta is no longer dominated by the snipers, Hanzo is still a very reliable way to deal damage. Combining mobility with DPS he can erase the squishiest heroes from the game if he lands the sweet, sweet headshots, and if you combine his ultimate with another crowd control ultimate (ex. Zarya’s), well, say goodbye to the enemy’s team.
  • Mcree’s ability to take out enemies no matter the range is what ranks him so high on this list. Whether you empty your clip from a close range on a tank or hit a headshot from across the map, Mcree will deal the damage necessary to bring you closer to the taste of victory. If you learn how to use his ultimate properly you should have some “team wipeout-Youtube video material” in no time. Just hit the practice range!
  • Zarya has seen many fluctuations in her preference by the players. From being almost invisible to being a necessary pick. Finally she seems to have found some balance in this patch. A very meta hero that, thanks to her godly ultimate, when it comes to crowd control and combo potential no one can match her on this list.
  • We can not describe how happy we are about the recent buffs for our favorite tank, Reinhardt. Once the pinnacle of every strategy, Reinhardt had fallen out of favor from high-ranking Overwatch players due to the nerfs he received a few patches ago. Thankfully the game seems to be shifting back to Reinhardt’s favor, especially with his higher HP and DPS after the recent patch. Currently he is very in meta, combined with Zarya.

Overwatch Tier List: B-Tier (Still Viable Tier)

The heroes on this list are Still Viable. A bit more situational than the heroes on the good ol’ reliable tier, they are still heroes you can choose to help you when you are in a tight spot.

  • Echo is another one of the heroes that received a nerf placing her in a lower tier. Her high mobility, combined with her high damage can be utilized in many ways to surprise-burst your enemies from angles that they would never expect. Also, her small character model makes her hard to hit, especially when she is flying franticly in the air. One thing that is tricky about Echo is her ultimate ability. You need to have a game plan already laid down before even picking Echo, meaning that you need to know which hero you want to copy. So be careful about what team composition you pick Echo.
  • Rejoice, people! Everyone’s favorite (not), superstar D.Va has been resurrected. At least, kind of. Before the last changes she received, she wasn’t even close to being playable, with every other tank being a better alternative. Now you can justify picking her into some Dive-compositions. Go get into your enemy’s faces and annoy them, eat up their ulties, bullets, and most importantly their will to live.
  • There is one thing that is always valuable in Overwatch, and that is creating chaos to the backlines of your enemy. Winston is the ideal choice for that, with his high mobility and “2nd life” that his ultimate ability gives him, he is still a good choice, especially if you know how to utilize his strengths.
  • A few patches ago, Baptiste was in dire need of nerfs. Well, they did a pretty good job at it. If now that he is nerfed he is still a viable pick, imagine where he was before. Due to how amazing his Immortality field is and the healing he can provide he is still a good choice. His damage potential recently got buffed as well as his ultimate. Put down the matrix and let the double damage do the talking.
  • Although Junkrat has always been a borderline meme hero, his high damage potential makes him a pretty favorite choice among the players. Especially when there is a choke-point on the map (ex. Temple Of Anubis, King’s Row), he is not only a viable pick but almost a necessity. The damage he can output in a small area is a real threat to the enemy.
  • Everybody loves Genji. He is very fun to play and the feeling you get climbing walls and slashing through people is unique to this character. It makes you want to learn how to play him. Unfortunately, the practice it requires to learn how to play Genji and the risk-reward he offers is not suitable for the current state of the game. At least he got a buff to his fire rate, which gives him a much needed DPS boost. If you are a good Genji player, in Gold, Silver, or Bronze… slash away.
  • Lucio can be the difference maker between Victory or Defeat. His toolkit is great for helping your team and being annoying to the enemy’s team. If you coordinate everyone with his ultimate ability, you can break through any kind of defense. Although, the communication and coordination required to execute a push make him a situational pick. Only if your enemy is playing some bunker-style defense.
  • When the meta was all about big biffy tanks, Reaper was in it. He can tear through HP like a knife through butter. But with the shift of the meta, his damage potential has been reduced since he has to hit the smaller heroes. With all the great DPS heroes that exist, it’s hard to make Reaper a priority. Still, if you have a Reinhardt or an Orisa that needs killing, you know what to pick.
  • Orisa has the same story as Reinhardt. Her shield was very strong during the Shields meta, but now her low mobility and dependence on coordination to function make her a horrible choice for attacking. If you want to hold down a position, somewhere with choke points, Orisa can still do an excellent job. She received some small buffs to her fortify ability making her a bit more survivable, but not enough to follow Reinhardt to the next tier.

Overwatch Tier List: C-Tier (Well, well, well, how the turntables…)

(I hope you know the meme)

In lower SR you will probably not get punished for picking the following heroes and you can still play your game, although if you are looking to survive in the higher rankings you better start practicing some of the heroes on higher Tiers.


  • Inspired by the Crusader class from Diablo 3, Brigitte and her flail remains a strong character with tank characteristics. Brigitte hasn’t found much stability lately; at the moment, she is a DPS. Yes, that’s right, DPS, and not Support. Although her high close-range damage combined with her personal barrier makes her a great pick when you are dealing with poking heroes, she doesn’t find a lot of use in offensive compositions. At least, Tracer will have a very difficult time poking when you are standing with your team. So, stick close to your supports and keep pushing the track!
  • Let’s talk about Doomfist. Don’t get us wrong, we love Doomfist’s playstyle. The ability to one-punch (man) a support is still strong and his mobility is exceptional. That said, his big character model and his overreliance on his cooldowns to do damage are making him a very situational pick, with pro teams avoiding him completely.
  • Moira is so down on this list because her damage potential isn’t that high. Her mobility is great but due to her short-range and more sophisticated playstyle to be effective, she is not considered one of the best support heroes. Although in lower rankings she is enjoying some playtime, the higher-ranked players avoid her.
  • Widowmaker. From dominating the previous meta to being on the Still Viable tier is a big fall, what might have sparked it? Obviously, the HP nerf she got from the developers and the shift of the meta toward a more dynamic way of playing. Still, if you want to deal damage from a distance, she is a good pick, but make sure you can stay alive.
  • Pharah, in this meta, is like a fly. Always around being annoying, grabbing your attention, but in the end, there is nothing dangerous about her (some personal feelings included). The problem is, to make Pharah viable, you need a Mercy to support her and if there is a Mercy supporting her, that’s a Mercy that is not helping the rest of her team, but if the hit scanning of the enemy isn’t on point, she becomes a viable option.
  • Torbjörn’s turret might seem similar to Ashe’s ultimate ability, Bob, but these heroes differ a lot. While Ashe has some high-damage potential, Torbjörn relies on his turret doing all the job. A turret that is very static and the players have learned how to prioritize destroying it pretty fast. His ultimate is still strong when used correctly but not enough to rank him higher on this list.
  • Symmetra’s abilities have always put her on the least favorable picks. Her teleporter is a nice idea, but all the hiding spots for it have already been found (at least in higher rankings). The enemy will find them and destroy them fast. Although in some cases, like the last desperate hold, she is quite useful. A hero returning to battle faster than expected can make the difference.

Overwatch Tier List: F-Tier (Please Buff)

On this Tier we have the heroes that you should avoid 99.9% of the cases. Just trust us on that.

  • Mei is the definition of this Tier’s name. It used to be that her Ice Wall and snipping would make her a guaranteed pick for both teams, since she can separate her enemies in half if she places an ice wall on the right spot, giving you a significant advantage. Since Overwatch grew older, the people have learned to deal with these cheeky strats, making her a less viable option to the point where she is hardly picked anymore.
  • There are certain heroes that as an idea they sound great but, in practice, they don’t fit with most strategies. In Overwatch this hero is Sombra. Her invisibility and translocator give her some flanking potential, but the damage output she has is disappointing. Sombra needs some reworking to make her a viable competitive character.
  • Last and also least, the hero that seems to have no place in Overwatch is Bastion. A very clunky slow-moving hero, sitting at the bottom of most people’s preferences offers nothing to the team except some surprise damage if the enemy isn’t aware you have a Bastion. DON’T. PICK. BASTION.

How We Ranked

When considering this Overwatch Tier List, there are different ways to rank the heroes and we are trying to make a mix of what is working in the highest level of play (competitive, grandmaster, master, etc.), but also what is realistic considering the skill cap that some characters have.

A good example is Tracer. If you look at the statistics on the lowest rankings, Tracer has a pick rate of 1.29% and a win rate of 45.69% (at the time of writing this article), but as you go into higher rankings the pick rate and win rate increase drastically. It’s clear that although Tracer is an undoubtedly strong hero, the skill required to play her is making her less viable for the lower ranks.


As you are aware, in gaming there is this thing called Meta, which basically is the most preferred and optimized way the game is being played on a specific moment. We will start by defining the meta that we are into.

(Red letters means important and scary, like DEPTS or EXISTING)

From what we saw in the Overwatch League, most teams were choosing to go with 2 Snipers. Their high damage and relative survivability thanks to their distance from the fight has made them excellent choices for both defense and attack. With the recent patch changes, Blizzard and the Overwatch team have tried to create some more versatility in the game. Since the Tanks slowly changed from the mainstream big biffy hammer wilding Germans to more rodent-like and pig-like ones (after nerfs to healing and shield values), the role of the supports has changed as well. In this meta, supports have to take a more active role in doing damage to the enemy as well as pay even more attention to their positioning, now that they don’t have a big shield to stay behind. A lot of weight on the shoulders of supports, right? Business as usual, I say.

The current meta focuses on Combo and Survivability. The team that can coordinate their ultimate’s correctly without dying to the opponents ultimate’s will have the better chances of winning . A positional advantage is more important than ever and map awareness is key.


Now it’s time to ask. “What am I supposed to get out of this article?”

Overwatch is a game that changes all the time. For now, the things on this list are the most “efficient”. But us, gamers, we just want to have fun. So just pick any hero you like and join the battle! (not Bastion, though) 😛

Since the game is always changing, this Overwatch Tier List will be changing with it. We will keep you updated on what is happening in the game, always adding our personal touch as well. Want to check out another Tier List? Check out our popular Civ 6 Tier List here.



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